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Lara_Costa 09-07-08 12:41

:vlol: :vlol: :vlol: :vlol: Nice work everyone! :vlol: :vlol: :vlol: :vlol:

dcw123 09-07-08 13:13

[QUOTE=khFREAK;2846278]wow... the grudge one looks scary :([/QUOTE]

Thanks.. i love them movies so much.. freaked me out a bit too LOL:D
Yet another of my fav horror movies..

Danath 09-07-08 15:03

[quote=Rivendell;2835212]Hehe, Quakepus! Nice eyes for spotting that! :tmb:


Hahahahaha this is so awesome! Can't stop laughing!! :vlol::vlol::vlol:

Alexandritee 09-07-08 18:38

I haven't seen [B]Finding Underpuss[/B] yet... :D
(Id try but Im not good. Unless there already is a [B]Finding Underpuss[/B].)
Great work everyone (:

kryptonite23 10-07-08 12:48

[U][I][COLOR="Blue"]dcw123 ~ That's scary :yik:
but nice :)[/COLOR][/I][/U]

dcw123 10-07-08 13:51

[QUOTE=kryptonite23;2848524][U][I][COLOR="Blue"]dcw123 ~ That's scary :yik:
but nice :)[/COLOR][/I][/U][/QUOTE]

I know LOL But i'm good at scary stuff so....
I hated watching it the first time though, my phone rang after I watched the film.... duh duh duuuhhh:p (If you've watched The Ring, you'll know why that made me jump);)

Heres a random fun one I did... =] I'm most proud of Coco on the Jetski from CB3 :D Like the ripple effect of the waves..
BIGGER VERSION : [URL="http://i36.************/20gblp3.jpg"]http://i36.************/20gblp3.jpg[/URL]

Your_Envy* 10-07-08 15:31

Hahaha I lovee Crash Bandicoot :jmp:

Nice work!

kryptonite23 11-07-08 06:45

[I][COLOR="Blue"]Crash looks cool with Underpus :tmb: :D[/COLOR][/I]

Kiss-Bite 11-07-08 07:36

Hehe :vlol:

dcw123 12-07-08 00:15

[QUOTE=kryptonite23;2850116][I][COLOR="Blue"]Crash looks cool with Underpus :tmb: :D[/COLOR][/I][/QUOTE]

Yh..I like the way he winks at ya..and Coco's face is priceless..:o
The "Oooppss, didn't know that was behind me" look..:o

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