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Pipolinne 12-08-08 13:35

[FONT="Century Gothic"][COLOR="Purple"]I'm glad the Underpus achieved a state of Nirvana,in order to endure all other depictions :vlol:![/COLOR][/FONT]

Alex Fly 12-08-08 17:05

These 2 latest entries are excellent ! :D

tampi 12-08-08 17:16

New Underpus model


MadCroy101 12-08-08 17:17

The underpus is cool, can't wait to kill it:cln: tampie, thats the best model I have ever seen :p

Alex Fly 12-08-08 17:22

[QUOTE=tampi;2954903]New Underpus model

:vlol: So hot ! :tmb: :D

tlr online 12-08-08 20:08

Some posts have been removed. Please keep them clean and bear in mind you're posting on a public forum.

touchthesky 12-08-08 20:26

I'm curios, is Underpus now the Krakens OFFICIAL name?

JACOBryanBURNS 12-08-08 20:36

Too much time in the mgc *smacks forehead*

My bad!

Larapink 12-08-08 20:37

[quote=touchthesky;2955676]I'm curios, is Underpus now the Krakens OFFICIAL name?[/quote]
Yes the offical name for the Octopus - in Underworld is a Kraken.

Dingaling 12-08-08 21:58

[QUOTE=touchthesky;2955676]I'm curios, is Underpus now the Krakens OFFICIAL name?[/QUOTE]

Crystal and Eidos have both adopted the name so it seems Underpus IS the official name.

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