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JACOBryanBURNS 12-08-08 21:59

Cog has a place in TR history!

dcw123 12-08-08 23:10

A new one by me...classic film:D
I used several layers and special red lighting to make it scarier:p
Don't look behind you,Ripley:D

jumoeder 13-08-08 01:44

i believe in underpus!
the almighty underpus is trying to become the new district attorney of gotham city.

[URL=]Free Image Hosting by[/URL]
click on the pic for a larger one

KC Mraz 13-08-08 02:08

That amazing jumoeder (and dcw123 too)!

I'm so tempted to go and print an "I Bealieve in Underpus" pin right now :cln:

Kiss-Bite 13-08-08 06:55

[QUOTE=JACOBryanBURNS;2955940]Cog has a place in TR history![/QUOTE]

Hehe, indeed he does!:D

jaywalker 13-08-08 07:43

[QUOTE=touchthesky;2955676]I'm curios, is Underpus now the Krakens OFFICIAL name?[/QUOTE]

Yup. Its what hes called here :)

Rivendell 13-08-08 09:24

^ Yay. :D

jumoeder 13-08-08 12:13

new hero announced
just anounced!

underpus is the newest hero in heroes!!!

[URL=]Free Image Hosting by[/URL]

Aurimas 13-08-08 12:23


jumoeder 13-08-08 12:24

more underpus in heroes!
[URL=]Free Image Hosting by[/URL]

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