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raiderromero 28-08-13 13:04

yeah since and it always happens its crashes completly NG

AkyV 29-08-13 06:45

[B]1227 o test[/B]

[QUOTE]- Fixed bug about TIMER_FIELD trigger type.
In previous version, when you place a trigger of TIMER_FIELD type with a negative value it happened a crash in the output wad phase.[/QUOTE]

Fixed successfully.
Speaking of timers, "anti" triggers cannot be timed, so you should remove the timer (Extra) values of A44, because they are useless.

[QUOTE]- Attemp to fix bug about random colorize of custom bars.
When you set IGNORE in a color (1 or 2) of CUST_BAR customize, with BAR_CUSTOM1/2/3/4 type, the value of color set as ignore, will have random color after reloading savegame. [/QUOTE]

Possibly IGNORE is useless and you want to type a ColorRGB= X, 0, 0, 0 for a default (black) color everyway?

Paolone 29-08-13 07:17

[QUOTE=AkyV;6892260][B]1227 o test[/B]
Possibly IGNORE is useless and you want to type a ColorRGB= X, 0, 0, 0 for a default (black) color everyway?[/QUOTE]

The problem was that, since there was no default color for custom bar (a news of trng) the ignore didn't set any color, differently by HP, air, dash bar those had a default color.
Anyway now I set a default color for custom bar, that it will be red for color1 and black for color2.

AkyV 29-08-13 17:00

I said before TGROUP_SINGLE_SHOT_RESUMED doesn't work with HEAVY. (Because each square of the multisquared trigger area can activate the trigger if the activator won't leave the area.)
Now I want to be a bit more exact:
It doesn't work with [I]some[/I] HEAVY but sometimes it works. For example, pushblocks seem buggy, but the motorbike (driven by Lara) looks okay.

Oh, speaking of pushblocks: how is the fix of this going?


Paolone 29-08-13 18:52

Oh, speaking of pushblocks: how is the fix of this going?


The planet effect OCB, I had fully forgotten it. :(

I'll try to fix it...

AkyV 02-09-13 18:12

[B] 1227 p test[/B]
1. F367/F368:
- The screen will be black at once if I activate F367, no curtain effect. Only the fade-out works with the curtain.
- The timer seems a bit incorrect. Eg. 20 seconds adjusted will be about 23 seconds of darkness in the game.
- Usually "switch-off for effect" triggers work even if you want to abort the timer of the effect. But F368 works only for the infinite case, not aborting 1-127 timers.

2. F369:
- The stripes will appear suddenly, will disappear nicely (by degrees). So the appearance should be nicer.
- If we combine this effect with F367/F368 (so if I activate F367 after F369), then the stripes of F367 will disappear suddenly when I activate F368.

3. Planet effect: fixed.

- DARKNESS: the screen blinks with that dark layer when I open the inventory but then the original BKGDF_KEEP_GAME_SCREEN screen will appear at once, removing the dark layer.
- BKGF_ADD effects could be nice in flipeffect triggers (eg. continuous, pulsing etc. way). Eg. NEGATIVE_EFFECT: Lara is in an (sort of...) X-ray room?

You still have maximum 9 beta versions before the release (r, s, t, u, v, w, x, y, z).:p
Just kidding...

Probably it is an old thing but I discovered it now:
If the boat sits on the water surface next to the bank, and Lara (facing the bank, in a given angle) swims upwards under the boat to surface, and if her head hits the bottom of the boat now then she will be "transported" to the bank next to the boat. (A good cheat for speedrunners?)

AkyV 05-09-13 18:46

[B]1227 q test[/B]


[QUOTE]- Fixed bug about colors on/off for light switch of CUST_BINOCULARS.
The red and blue tones were inverted.[/QUOTE]

I mentioned similar problems before, that are still buggy:

- ButtonsWindow.txt: back color, fore color
- PARAM_LIGHTNING: LGTN_FLASH_SCREEN (compared to the RGB of the lightning itself)


We discussed a lot of bugs, but these ones should probably be fixed before the final release, seeming important:
Change the sentry gun angle in the lightning demo into 180 degrees (from $254 to $854 in TriggerGroup2), and you will see clearly:
- the angle is less than 180 degrees
- 180 degrees must be a 90 degrees in the right/left half, but that „less-than-180” sector is clearly not divided into two equal half. In fact, the condition starts becoming true only in front of the gun, if the gun is turning right, so the left half is always false.
- Sometimes, if I save/load the game then that “less-than-180” sector turned left with 90 degrees.
- If I saved/loaded the game when the condition was just true then the next time the text didn’t show up.

It is just an example, so the problem is not the 180 degrees itself.[/QUOTE]

[QUOTE](And, btw I experienced something similar before, with some Action Move/Rotate triggers) F359 has an unwanted “look here” function, as if a standalone CAMERA_TARGET had been placed somewhere in the level, not where the target object is. Not always. In the case of the lightning, possibly it happens only at the very first activation of the trigger, while Lara is in the trigger zone – so even after the lightning has stopped -, and she will look at a given corner of the room. It is NW corner – always? -, with Room Editor facing.[/QUOTE]


And I hope you will be able to fix that "squeezed texts" bug. That is also annoying. Titak said she'd create a project file about that, right?

Titak 05-09-13 19:03

[QUOTE=AkyV;6897560]And I hope you will be able to fix that "squeezed texts" bug. That is also annoying. Titak said she'd create a project file about that, right?[/QUOTE]Correct, but I haven't gotten around to doing it.
I want to try and replicate the bug in both my test levels so I can then send those.
I'll try and do it this weekend.

Paolone 05-09-13 20:54

I'll try to fix these bugs.
Anyway the color for buttonswindow is not a bug but a different format, as I described in Help_buttonswindow text:

Unfortunately Windows OS doesn't allow to change the color of the button, anyway you can set the color for Rows and Frames.
The colors you type in the header will be used when a Row or Frame definition has no reference about colors for it.



The position of color gradients in the number is:
RR = Red
GG = Green
BB = Blue

About the bug for dart it's a weird matter.
The new flag BUGF_ act in same way of previous DRT_FIX_POISON_BUG flag.
Have you verified if that (DRT_...) works?
Because I noticed that sometimes it seems do not work and other time it does.
I'll have to check better.
For deformed text I'll wait the sample of titak.

AkyV 06-09-13 06:12

BUGF_DART_NO_POISON_LARA doesn't work with any OCB.
DRT_FIX_POISON_BUG works with the given OCB.

However, there is a bug about DRT_FIX_POISON_BUG: just when Lara got poisoned, the poisoned health bar dissapears from the screen for some moments.

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