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Jonnipants 22-03-23 21:38

[QUOTE=tlr online;8393993]Third Tomb Raider Reloaded asset drop this evening featuring high resolution [URL=""]character renders[/URL] of Lara Croft, Anaya, Kurtis and Von Croy.


Hmm where is Kurtis? Has anyone ever encountered Kurtis?

Amunet 22-03-23 21:45

Mr. Pinguin, sir, is there any chance of getting high-res versions of these:


Pretty please?

HarleyCroft 22-03-23 22:33

Ahaha, our nasty man's permafrown is so hot :cln:

On an unrelated topic.. the price of custom lifesize cardboard cutouts is too damn high :mad:

CheshireBitch 23-03-23 19:04

Kurtis is really handsome here ! Canít wait to see him in game ! Do you think heíll be a second playable character ??
Itís the first time we see him in another TR release (Anaya too btw) itís kind of a big deal !

charmedangelin 25-03-23 01:30

The app is absolute trash. Holy hell, they introduced a new event today and the stickers you usually need to get to clear the event now have a ultra low drop rate. However they were oh so kind enough to include an option to buy the stickers.

The game is ultra predatory and preys on people's nostalgia and people with super addictive personalities to buy into their scam. I can no longer support this god awful app. There are other games with microtransactions that don't push money onto players as much as Reloaded does.

It sickens me that this is what they have reduced classic Lara to.

It explains why in the discord the admin said there were big fires that needed to be put out and alluded to it being mostly about the very thing I'm criticizing.

At the end of the day if you want to enjoy Tomb Raider 1 then play it on steam or emulate it.

Chamayoo 25-03-23 08:44

So I'm not the only one to find those new stickers more rare to find. :p
My app start again to crash with ads since the event come back. I uninstall and restart the game once again and everything was fine again ! Weird.

xavecroft 28-03-23 04:06

[QUOTE=tlr online;8393993]Third Tomb Raider Reloaded asset drop this evening featuring high resolution [URL=""]character renders[/URL] of Lara Croft, Anaya, Kurtis and Von Croy.

Wow Kurtis looks soo good!
When will he appear?

CheshireBitch 28-03-23 07:24

[QUOTE=xavecroft;8394588]Wow Kurtis looks soo good!
When will he appear?[/QUOTE]

Maybe when they will release the Egypt levels ?

Or maybe after Atlantis as a gift at the end ?

Honestly they have so much things to drop ! Kurtis, 3 or 4 already teased outfits...

I just hope they will change the way to get outfits and/or make it more simple because honestly if you miss the oportunity you got zero chance until they decide it's the right time again it's a bit frustrating. Also don't get me started on the "outfits grades" you have barely a chance to get anything for that lol

About the new stickers, I agree it feels like they are harder to get than last time. But honestly I still manage to get what I want. But for sure you can't grab every item before the end of the event. There's just not enough stickers droping !

_Alex_ 29-03-23 20:15

I've gotten a bunch of stickers from doing Tomb of Qualopec. I think stickers only drop when you fight bosses and since ToQ is [I]all[/I] bosses, that's why there's a bunch of stickers.

There's less chance of any good drops from every level except, ToQ and The Lost Valley. Maybe it's a bug or maybe it was intentional? But those are the only two levels were I got stickers and good drops. (I don't know about the other Greece levels since I'm still on SFF.)

Chamayoo 29-03-23 20:33

I do the Caves again and again, it's very fast and you gain as much as the other levels.

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