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Mikky 23-11-20 20:04

[QUOTE=Rai;8254981]I wonder if there will be cutscenes and who the VA is.[/QUOTE]

I fully expect the cutscenes to be still comic strips with speech bubbles, which I'm totally fine with for something like this. But they're probably going to bring someone in to do the grunts, at least. They did the same with Relic Run. I don't know about LC GO though - wasn't the grunts reused from TRL/A?

Maybe, just maybe (if there is voice acting), since this is a smaller scale project and they don't want to spend too much time finding a new VA, they could just bring in Camilla? Bringing her to voice a Classic Lara would be marvelous. On an unrelated note, I'd be glued to TRF the whole day 😌

Tombraider95 23-11-20 20:04

I dont think anything will ever top LC Go to be fair..[/QUOTE]

I don't want it to be half as good as a game from 5 years ago, I want it to be just as good, if not better.

Mobile game or not, this is the first time Lara has used Dual Pistols in a Tomb Raider titled trailer since 2009 right? Crazy.

VictorXD 23-11-20 20:06

Mobile game or not, this is the first time Lara has used Dual Pistols in a Tomb Raider titled trailer since 2009 right? Crazy.[/QUOTE]

That is.... beyond sad. It's tragic.

I can't believe that even the movie has a better representation of Lara than the games do these days.

Yeauxleaux 23-11-20 20:14

[QUOTE=Portugalraider;8255005]Being F2P does raise a bit of an eyebrow, but I am with Justin, if this is half as good as LC Go, it's going to be great. :)[/QUOTE]If it's a mobile game then F2P isn't such a bad thing in my opinion. There's obviously going to be some kind of microtransactions in the game because they have to make the coin somehow. I'm religiously against microtransactions if the game is not free to begin with, but if the game is F2P I have less issue with them (within reason).

I'm not expecting this game to be full-blown remakes of the classics if it's F2P though, they'll probably be very simple games with lots of iconic visual stuff from the classics thrown in. Thankfully I'm glad of that because I'd rather we got more faithful remakes on console.

The art style, hm, cute. Again I love that it's cartoony, not exactly what I'd want but it's fine for the nature of the game. I'm not bitching about Lara's boob size, the model clearly has boobs and is inspired by classic Lara, it's not like they made her flat-chested or (based on what we've seen so far) are trying to shoehorn Reboot Lara iconography into the game. I just hope a voice actress who captures the essence of Lara better than Camilla is hired for the job.

So tl:dr - I appreciate the effort, I'll definitely give this game a spin. I'll support some of the microtransactions [I][U]if[/U][/I] they offer good stuff considering the game is F2P, but I'm not crazy excited about it. This is fine, but I do want more.

TombRager 23-11-20 20:15

[QUOTE=Tombraider95;8255029]Mobile game or not, this is the first time Lara has used Dual Pistols in a Tomb Raider titled trailer since 2009 right? Crazy.[/QUOTE]

What about LC:GO and Relic Run? Doesn't she uses it in them?


And also very interesting! They have been getting more dislikes though on the video.
[QUOTE=TombRager;8242743]i swear that if they announce a TR game this year i'm showing my face[/QUOTE]
Does this still counts and I'm screwed?

Tombraider95 23-11-20 20:19

[QUOTE=TombRager;8255034]What about LC:GO and Relic Run? Doesn't she uses it in them?

They don't use the "Tomb Raider" title.

The 2018 Trailer does feature them but she doesn't use them, only holds them for a second. But game wise it's been since 2009.

SnatchingEdges 23-11-20 20:22


Does this still counts and I'm screwed?[/QUOTE]

You didn't specify which TR game. It's a TR game after all, so... yeah :tea:

GiovanniLucca 23-11-20 20:24

I know that it is a mobile game...
But I'm freaking out to see Lara with her classic braid and dual pistols!

If this is a remake of the first game as some of you mentioned it (with I doubt that it is) it would be so cool. I loved the art style. I don't know if it feets well a remake of the classics. If they do this way, it will shift a lot from its more mature way of doing things, killing people, being sassy with the life of others (like with Pierre in TRC, I love that scene by the way! :D )

But it is something positive and cool that we can talk about!
I love it!

Edit: Thiking now... If they remake the classics with this art style, It would be a new Conkers Bad Fur Day :vlol:
Everything so cute, but violent! haha
For those who played Conkers Bad fur Day will understand me! :tea:

JsotoTRSaga 23-11-20 20:27

Perhaps they announced this precisely today so that we stopped talking about the T rating in that gif they posted on twitter.

I hope this isn't a TR1 remake though that's for sure, TR1 deserves more than that.

Yuna´s Wish 23-11-20 20:27

I don't like how fierce and determined she looks. How she seems to be in complete control of the situation, despite the spiders, Golem, T.Rex, lions and traps.



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