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archfiend 27-02-15 23:24

Tomb Raider Braid Mod(Now Avaliable For Android)
Hello eveyone. Finally i have completed this mod and i'm so happy because playing Lara with braid in TR1 is my one of the biggest dreams. I started this mod months ago but i couldn't do so much things at those times. But with the help of some of some great people i can finally release this mod. Lara's hair and her torso were combined by The Great Chi. He helped a lot in this project. It's the real hero of it. All hail to him.:D
I've great news for those following that mod. Sardoc has made a great job and fix the seperating braid problem. Now that braid and her head look combined perfectly. And Lara isn't the only one who has braid. Atlantean Lara has also her Atlantean braid.
New Features
Some texture problems fixed.
PSX uzi sounds added.
Atlantean Imposter has braid as well.
Manor outfit has been fixed.

The Great Chi: He created THE Lara i need. Without him there would be no braid mod.
Sardoc:He revised the mod added great features to the mod. Without him there would be no proper braid mod. He did a great job.
croftyboy: Although he isn't active on the from lately he is one my closest friends and he helped me a lot too. He also created the faceless Lara.:D

Links V3.0
Android Version
Copy the obb file into your Android/obb folder.
Go to the Tomb Raider and Unfinished Business folder and download it from there.
Copy the files into the DATA. In order to reach the data in Steam, GOG and gidierre's version you need to open tombeng with a program that can open bin files.
I will add my faceless Lara too.:D
Compatible Save Files
Just paste them into the TOMBRAID folder.
And lastly i tested it with Glidos. So i highly recommend you to play it via Glidos.
The reason why i didn't upload video is that i can't have my computer atm it's at the service. ı had to use someone else's computer to mod. But tomorrow i my computer will be back.




ToMbRaIdErxFtW 27-02-15 23:39

Not working for me. I tried it with the steam version and Gidierre's 1.7.3 installer with no luck :(

archfiend 27-02-15 23:49

Can you send an ss of your TR1 Steam folder. There are two iso files in it and they contain data files. but i don't remember their name. but i can help you if you send an ss.

Lara_Fan1 27-02-15 23:57

Could you/or anyone upload screenshots?
I really want to see (in-game) Lara Croft with a braid :).

ToMbRaIdErxFtW 27-02-15 23:58



These screenshots are from Gidierre installer which I would perfer to use over the steam version :)

archfiend 28-02-15 00:17

Unfortunetly i can't upload any images cause i don't have my computer. And i'm using tablet atm. And ToMbRaIdErxFtW you should open tombeng with iso program like poweriso and when you open it you'll se the data file. And after replacing it with my data you could play with braid. I advise you to backup your tombeng isos.

ToMbRaIdErxFtW 28-02-15 00:51

It wont let me add any files to the file you mentioned when I opened it with Daemon tools. it says I need aditional space on the disk.

archfiend 28-02-15 01:09

You can't change anything with daemon tools. I use Poweriso for these things. You should try with poweriso too. just open tombeng with poweriso, replace the data and save it.

ToMbRaIdErxFtW 28-02-15 01:14

Will do this in the morning. Thanks for your support and awesome mod ;)

lance6439 28-02-15 02:54

Would like to see some in-game screens please

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