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nightwolf1982 29-05-19 22:29

TR Anniversary DRM files
Hi, hope someone can help me here.

I've been trying to figure out how to extract the 3d models from TR Anniversary. The problem is none of the tools I've found extract any sort of model file. There' a thread here: https://www.tombraiderforums.com/sho...d.php?t=214300 that discusses the gibbed.tombraider.drmedit tool, but none of the posted links work for it. I did find the GitHub projects for the gibbed tool, but only one compiles to a working program, and it won't open Anniversary drms.

I've also tried all of Gh0stblade's DRM tools, but none of them extract any model files. Does anyone have the version of gibbed.tombraider.drmedit Paliha posted? Or have/know of a working drm extractor for Anniversary?

VictorXD 30-05-19 03:20

Sorry not to be of great help but I'm not sure if TRA's 3D models can be extracted that way. I remember years ago that the tools used for extracting TRL models could be used for TRA, but they only extracted textures, not the actual 3D models unlike TRL.

I'm not sure if this is still the case though, I could be wrong.

I do know it's possible to use 3Dripper though, so that might be your best shot.

nightwolf1982 30-05-19 17:29

So how are people getting the Anniversary models? 3D Ripper might work, but I've read the results are difficult to work with and can be distorted or broken.

If there were at least a breakdown of the drm file structure I might be able to make some headway on my own, but I can't even find that.

dcw123 30-05-19 22:58

Yeah I tried and failed to extract anything 3D from either game.

You can find MOST areas on DeviantArt if you search for them.. but not everything is there..

Better than nothing though

nightwolf1982 31-05-19 15:05

I can't believe that after all this time, there are NO answers to this. We have tools for Legend, and we have tools for Underworld. Why don't we have tools for ANNIVERSARY?

Does anyone have Paliha's DRMEdit tool? Or a working DRM extractor for Anniversary? Even a link to some useful information?

Gh0stBlade 31-05-19 15:10

If someone gets me a mesh file sample for Lara from TRA i'll write the mesh importer.

nightwolf1982 31-05-19 15:27

We need to get the mesh file out of the drms first. That's what I've been trying to find tools for, but nothing I've found works.

nightwolf1982 31-05-19 20:39

OK, I've posted links to the Lara and Doppleganger drms at the ZenHAX/Game Archive forums.

Still looking for the right tools to extract these models.

Gh0stBlade 01-06-19 01:13

Looks like TRA meshes rely on the relocation data to be serialised, probably not going to write something to load up that.

nightwolf1982 01-06-19 01:20

What does that mean? "relocation data to be serialized"?

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