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Lwmte 09-10-19 01:00

WadTool - a modern WadMerger and TRViewer replacement
I think it's time to present new and revamped revision of another application in TE toolchain - WadTool!

WadTool was made as a replacement for outdated, inconvenient and unstable applications like WadMerger and TRViewer. It should greatly simplify your workflow, for now at least in part of animation importing and editing. Eventually, it will hopefully include functionality of such tools as Strpix and allow you to import multi-mesh models with already applied attributes, such as shiny, blending modes, and so on.

Forthcoming version 1.2.8 was completely reworked, lots of bugs were fixed, and generally WadTool is now stable and useable. Here is the video announcement with all important features covered!

Full changelog for forthcoming version:
  1. Import animations in FBX and COLLADA formats.
  2. Completely overhauled main window
  3. Completely overhauled animation editor:
    • New timeline with selection, dynamic highlight, mouse warping and transport controls.
    • Undo and redo.
    • Realtime sound previews with 3 modes: land, land + material footsteps, water.
    • Realtime animcommand editing.
    • Live preview for in-game animation speed.
    • Selection-based position and translation controls.
    • Simple evolution modes to create basic animations: linear, smooth and symmetric.
    • Batch find & replace animcommands.
    • Chain playback mode (loop through NextAnimation/NextFrame values and state changes).
    • Human-readable animation names and state ID names with ability to search and filter by name.
    • Ability to resample animation.
    • Ability to mirror and reverse animation.
    • Extensive bounding box controls, including mesh-based autogeneration and inflation/deflation.
  4. Added options window.
  5. Fix TR1 levels animation import.
  6. Fix TR1-3 colored faces import.

WadTool 1.2.8 will be available with forthcomint Tomb Editor 1.2.8 which will be released in next few days.

KyleCroft 09-10-19 04:44

Looks excellent!

CelticGuard 09-10-19 06:12

The hype is real! All the features look absolutely amazing. So excited!!

TokyoSU 09-10-19 08:48

This WadTool is really powerfull. when i viewed the new mode (smoothing etc..) i'm literaly view an angel, i know it's not really important since you can already do it in the past with other tool, but last time (maybe year) i used WadMerger and this tool is literaly the hell :hea:, thanks to the team of TombEditor to do this insane work :jmp:

Alex Fly 09-10-19 09:39

Nice! :tmb:

Nemo20 09-10-19 10:23

Is there a plan for Strpix? WAD2 will not be able to load Strpix for sure. So it is unfortunately a little less useful, the somewhere how to texturize the objects.

TokyoSU 09-10-19 10:40


Originally Posted by Nemo20 (Post 8137363)
Is there a plan for Strpix? WAD2 will not be able to load Strpix for sure. So it is unfortunately a little less useful, the somewhere how to texturize the objects.

it's already planned like @Lwmte said in the first post.

Nemo20 09-10-19 10:42

Ah well, I skipped that.
But then for me the WADTool is not yet usable. Too complex to get around this. Since I'm still in the old format.

But i Test ist, when is Released :)

Lwmte 09-10-19 10:56

Yes, unfortunately, texturing/vertex remapping/normals recalculating business, as well as any other face-based or vertex-based editing is a bit complex to implement from the ground up.

For now, workaround for this is you can texture, remap vertices, apply shiny attribs and blending modes etc in strpix, save your wad and import it in WadTool.

Also, there is experimental mesh importing feature which allows importing 3D models with applied shininess and blending mode attributes set in your external 3D app like Blender or 3dsmax, theoretically it should import correctly. But it's not finished, as you can't yet properly import whole multi-mesh model.

Zebra 09-10-19 13:11

This looks really impressive :tmb:! All the features look so well thought out and polished. The infinite scrubbing, the chain playback, the evolution modes,... so cool :jmp:!

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