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Rai 19-06-21 17:03

I will be watching, but I probably won't comment until the end.

Tonyrobinson 19-06-21 17:22


Originally Posted by Rai (Post 8305336)
I will be watching, but I probably won't comment until the end.

No worries. I look forward to us all taking this trip down memory lane together. :D

HarleyCroft 19-06-21 19:19

It's always fun to rewatch LC:TR :jmp:
I may be a little less enthused about the sequels tho :p

40 minutes :cool:

Tonyrobinson 19-06-21 19:32

Got my alarm set and ready so I can't hit play at 9PM sharp. Happy movies everyone. :D

HarleyCroft 19-06-21 19:51

10 minutes! :yah:

Tonyrobinson 19-06-21 19:53

Yup, Everyone joining please simultaneously press play at 9pm sharp. :)

HarleyCroft 19-06-21 19:56

5 minutes!

Portugalraider 19-06-21 19:58

I am ready!

I think for next week we should perhaps look into Watch Party, it might be easier to interact live with everyone over there :p

HarleyCroft 19-06-21 19:59

Ain't no party like a TRF party :grouphug: Lol maybe that's a good idea:p

Tonyrobinson 19-06-21 20:00

And we are off! :D

Edit: Watch Party may be the better format haha. I'm down. :p

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