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Portugalraider 10-07-21 20:09

The Cabal is Trinity done right: still cliché as hell, but at least it has a more concrete motive, besides just world domination.

Also, Lara is a Firebender confirmed! :p

AimlessThunder 10-07-21 20:13


Originally Posted by Portugalraider (Post 8309129)
Thank you, AimlessThunder! That sure makes it easier to watch everything! :)

You're welcome!:hug:

Portugalraider 10-07-21 20:17

I love how Lara was super casual even with basically a all out war in the streets of London! XD

Also, now for Tomb Raider: Scooby Doo edition!

And furry edition too, including hairy crotches xD

Portugalraider 10-07-21 20:23

Now for Angel Spit: I just love the first line:

"There's a curious item I have been keeping in my trousers for you, lady Croft", followed by suggestive pocket movement xD

This was my original signature in TRF, until Justin deemed it too suggestive :p

Portugalraider 10-07-21 20:34

Okay, plot twist: Tomb Raider - Obsidian is not possibly adapting SotTR, it is adapting the Moctezuma short :p

Portugalraider 10-07-21 20:47

Oh, the boat on this episode is called Lusitania. Meaning it was most definitely Portuguese. I like it!

Also, Gail Simone proving she can write by herself a really cool Tomb Raider story (even if definitely aimed for a yonger audience). Still don't understand how her of all people wrote Season of the Witch...

Rai 10-07-21 21:25

Sorry, I got caught up with something else. Good to see you're enjoying them, Portugalraider:D.

Portugalraider 11-07-21 00:14

I always enjoyed these shorts, bit-sided tomb raider adventures, in very different styles, and exploring very different themes. Great stuff there! :)

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