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Vaskito 13-08-18 16:00


Originally Posted by Yeauxleaux (Post 7948810)

I can't decide what the freakiest part of that model is, the fact that she has adult Lara's body proportions, the demonic eyes, the teeth, or the nest of tarantulas she has sitting over top of her head.

I'm dying!!! :vlol::vlol::vlol:

Emix 13-08-18 16:00

Me every time someone posts that Horror Lara pic: http://i.imgur.com/6jXP15f.jpg

Lily.J 13-08-18 16:02


Originally Posted by KenchiKun96 (Post 7948816)
Look at that pose,she knows she looks good:ohn:

I hate the promotion of Eidos…

kathrynnn 13-08-18 16:03


Originally Posted by Vaskito (Post 7948809)

Kill it.

AshesBorn 13-08-18 16:08


Originally Posted by kathrynnn (Post 7948829)
Kill it.

I'm sure she's already dead. She looks like a victim of a bad taxidermy job.

Yeauxleaux 13-08-18 16:10

Seriously who the **** at CORE approved that model? I don't throw the word "uncanny" around lightly because I think people are over-using it these days, but it really is. Had I seen this when I was a little kid it would have induced seizures.

Emix 13-08-18 16:12

So Spider-Man got another trailer today. That's 2nd trailer since E3.
Since E3 Shadow got... none.

Yeauxleaux 13-08-18 16:18


Originally Posted by Princess_Paige (Post 7948644)
Unpopular opinion - I actually dislike Lara’s new default outfit. I liked her Syria outfit better, I find the new one really ugly. Don’t kill me lol

It was generic though. I don't think the Syria outfit was ugly, I've never thought it was ugly, it's just too damn plain for me. There's nothing distinct or personalised about it to where, if you saw someone else wearing it, you'd know they were dressed as Lara or think "oh wow she looks like Lara!". Very nondescript, it's a plain grey camisole with some chinos.

I feel like her Shadow outfit now is really "a look" that makes her stand out as a character. It's not generic, it could easily become an "iconic" look within itself.

2001LC20 13-08-18 16:18

I can't stop laughing! She was in a nightmare of mine a long time ago! :vlol:

WWETombRaider 13-08-18 16:18


Originally Posted by Emix (Post 7948834)
So Spider-Man got another trailer today. That's 2nd trailer since E3.
Since E3 Shadow got... none.

We did get loads of gameplay videos though. To be fair, the trailer is reserved for GamesCon.

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