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mizuno_suisei 11-06-19 07:35

TRLE tools and the new windows 10
Hi all.

I'm sure I'm not the only one who recieved quite a changing windows 10 update in the last few months.

I'm experiencing two problems off hand related to old TRLE tools from over the years.

Tombpcdat editor- wont open. 4 seemingly and completely different error messages, not even really messages more codes.

Trviewer - when observing any animation on a TR1 object, another coded error and crash. Any other tr game animations work fine

Comparability settings have been tried but no luck. The only *memorable* things relating to trle that I've installed settings wise are the vb runtimes needed for wadmerger. I feel like I might be missing a few runtimes/dlls

sapper 12-06-19 02:45

Tombpcdat is a delphi program if I remember correctly so no runtimes needed.

Are you using latest TRViewer?

I think latest version uses more modern microsoft VC runtime distributable so may work better on windows 10.

mizuno_suisei 13-06-19 02:53

I figured out that I was using a TRviewer missing a specific resource file so that's all fixed now.

Tombpc editor is still much the same. I have opened it again since and I get one error about richstrings/text, then 4 different runtime and op code errors.

This could be way off but because of the strings mention - I wonder if this could be because of Windows 10s new Universal UTF8 locale

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