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Vinkula 11-09-20 23:19

I had NO idea what I was doing when I was battling that damn house :vlol: I beat it by sheer dumb luck.

Lord Lulu 12-09-20 00:12

I would say it is not that hard. But I have yet to play the remake.
Maybe I will get to play it in 2030. The whole game should be out by then.:hea:

SnatchingEdges 14-09-20 17:36

FFXVI is rumoured to be announced on Wed.

It is also rumoured to be part of the FFXIV's world. That would be a great idea to take the single players fans interested in FFXIV and vice versa. They also wanted to make a medieval FF and I think FFXIV with the huge fanbase is the right opportunity.


Yuna´s Wish 14-09-20 18:55

I don't know how I'd feel about another adventure in Eorzea -assuming we are in the same timeline, same places, and with little to no changes in the world's locations-.

Also, Eorzea shines brightly because of its MMO gameplay style. I'm not saying it can't work as an ordinary single player adventure, but I can't picture it just yet.

I believe XVI would be subject of unfavourable comparisons, with XIV being a superior product...and with all being Square's fault for making a decision that would inevitably lead to these comparisons. Unless it's a great game on its own, but how likely is that? :p

SnatchingEdges 14-09-20 19:35

I doubt that will happen. FFTactics and FFXII share the same world and I haven't seen any comparison. Yup, people have trashed FFXII in the past but none of the criticism came from sharing the world with a previous acclaimed game (and also those which came after, like Revenant Wings or FFTA2).

Yuna´s Wish 14-09-20 20:10

Way too different means of depicting the world. Here it'd be 3D vs 3D, just to point the most basic comparison point. And they are both games that can stand on their own two feet. While here it'd be XVI trying to emulate its bigger brother's success. Maybe. Still rumors anyway, aren't they? :p

But hopefully you're right, of course.

SnatchingEdges 14-09-20 20:14

Well, you're right. I have hope though, which is something I haven't had for SE in a long time.

SnatchingEdges 16-09-20 17:11

Manifesting FFXVI and FF13 Remastered

Chamayoo 16-09-20 20:07

Well there it is ! Playstation exclusive as well. :o

Mikky 16-09-20 20:22

I had absolutely no idea what was happening in that trailer but it did look nice :p I thought it was going to be another online FF for a minute; the character models certainly give that impression. Well, it still could be I guess? I'm sure we'll find out soon. It's just the gameplay and the story give the impression of a single player game. Then again, these days any game can be a mix of both.

It's all very different, that's for sure. I'm really interested to see more.

SnatchingEdges 16-09-20 20:25

Rumors say it's going to have multiplayer like FFXV.

Yuna´s Wish 16-09-20 21:19


Originally Posted by SnatchingEdges (Post 8239729)
Rumors say it's going to have multiplayer like FFXV.

The Final Fantasy channel claims it's a "single player action RPG", or something along those lines. If they add multiplayer, there is no indication yet.

The rumors might have been probably right, Snatching. It might have something to do with FFXIV.

Ifrit, Phoenix, Shiva and Titan are in FFXIV, and the Empire calls them "Eikons", like some characters do in this trailer. An extinct race in the lore, the Allagan, also called them "Eikons". Eorzeans usually call them "Primals" in XIV's timeline, so if "Eikons" is the common term in XVI, it might suggest this is a prequel to XIV.

I haven't read any theory yet. These are my wild guesses.

Also, I hope this "Blight" they talk about hasn't quite affected most of the locations we'll see. I'd like to see stunning nature and vividly coloured landscapes. The trailer showed very dark and monochromatic places.

SnatchingEdges 16-09-20 21:26

Thanks for the info, I know nothing of FFXIV lore :p I'm not paying plus and my computer is trash.

Anyway, it would make sense if it's based on FFXIV they'd add something related to multiplayer.

Yuna´s Wish 16-09-20 21:30


Originally Posted by SnatchingEdges (Post 8239788)
Thanks for the info, I know nothing of FFXIV lore :p I'm not paying plus and my computer is trash.

You can play without Plus :D (and as much as I dislike paying for a subscription, I love them for not having us pay Plus too).

Portugalraider 16-09-20 21:32

Final Fantasy XVI looks like "Final Fantasy meets Berserk" and I am all about it! Thank god it's also coming to PC!

Some character models seem to still need a bit of work, but I am quite sure they will improve before release. SE loves their FF characters to look as sharp as possible :)

charmedangelin 16-09-20 21:37

I don't know about FF16, looks like FF has abandoned the traditional or real time rpg for action rpg.

Yuna´s Wish 16-09-20 21:39

I like the fact that it's not afraid to kill and make it all bloody. I truly appreciate that bold approach. And I just LOVE the Malboro and the Coeurl shown :D

I still crave nature and more colours though. We can have a mature story and beautiful and colourful landscapes at the same time.

And the most important here is how good the controls will be. XV looked promising, gameplay-wise, and it didn't quite deliver.

SnatchingEdges 16-09-20 21:51


Originally Posted by Yuna´s Wish (Post 8239791)
You can play without Plus :D (and as much as I dislike paying for a subscription, I love them for not having us pay Plus too).

Oh, really? I'll look into it, thanks :p

Yuna´s Wish 17-09-20 00:15


Originally Posted by SnatchingEdges (Post 8239808)
Oh, really? I'll look into it, thanks :p

You're welcome :D There is a free trial version that allows you to play the whole of the base game and the first expansion -Heavensward-. Some features are disabled, like party chat, but it's still perfectly enjoyable without them. I believe there is also a cap for money and how many items you may carry, but it's not quite a big deal either.


Naoki Yoshida, the mastermind behind XIV, is XVI's producer. No wonder there are such strong XIV vibes here. Hiroshi Takai is the director (FFXIV and The Last Remnant).

killchan 17-09-20 07:39

Knights, dragons, medieval...?
Like, ok, it looks like a return to IV, but I expected something more original.

It goes straight to my steam wishlist but I'd put it well below FF7 and Project Athia on my priority scale

TR FAN 18 17-09-20 07:47

Great to see FF16 is also on PC. I was never going to buy a PS5 on release.

rewak 17-09-20 09:51

PC is kind of murky now, they removed mention of a PC release from the trailer after the stream and SE are saying they aren't confirming anything beyond a PS5 release. The new trailer also says it's a timed exclusive for PS5 just like FF7R so it might even be coming to other consoles too.

LNSNHGTDS 22-09-20 23:42

SPOILERS AHEAD - Final Fantasy Remake Part II Rumours
A bunch of rumours appear to have been leaked to a Final Fantasy YouTuber, The Night Sky Prince, by an American VA who claims to be close to a brand manager and someone in localization for Final Fantasy.

In case you don't want to watch the entire video I'll sum everything up.

WARNING: spoilers ahead

-The ending of Part I of the remake is the way it is because they always considered the possibility of it flopping completely and not being able to continue the Remake series. More was obviously planned but they made that ending as a safeguard so that Remake Part I could still stand as a complete product with fans being able to interpret the meaning of it all as they saw fit.

-No more Whispers. They were simply there in Part I to justify all the deviations from the original's plot. Destiny is not a recurring theme throughout the entire Remake series.

-There are no multiple timelines or a multiverse. Destiny simply served as meta text representing fans' expectation on what should happen. Now that destiny has been defeated and there are no constrictions set in place, the second part of the remake will focus on how the world has changed after destiny's defeat.

-There's no time travelling

-They don't want to bring in the Compilation of Final Fantasy VII in this because they mostly hate it themselves and are only keeping what they think works in the Remake.

-Crisis Core is completeley thrown out the window and only some of its ideas will be retained and reformed for the Remake.

-Genesis is also out due to copyright issues as he's based off of Gackht.

-Like in Part I, Part II will also feature events from the original game without drastically changing the original's story but the order in which said events occur will be changed.

-Part II will be set entirely on one landmass and it's not open world.

-Everybody gets new outfits! Cloud gets a scarf, Barret gets a duster coat, Tifa gets a denim jacket and Aerith gets bell bottoms! They will also be wearing various other outfits that will be only for specific chapters and will vary depending on the weather or the events that transpire. We will also be able to have each individual character wear their "classic" outfits. Parts of the new outfits will be designed by fashion designers and will be available for purchase in real-life!

-There's a lot of Yuffie in Part II. She will be a recurring mini boss and she and Roche also hate each other. We get to recruit her after the Wutai chapter which is also further expanded.

-Barret is mad at Yuffie joining because her being from Wutai and joining Avalanche legitimizes Shinra's claims that they are working alongside "Wutai terrorists" and that creates a lot of drama in the group.

-Cait Sith will be available as an extension to Red XIII and they will be playable as a duo. His role is also heavily changed and this time around he helps the crew by leaking them information about Shinra instead of him leaking the crew's plans to Shinra as in the original.

-Vincent is not playable.

-Cid will be essentially replacing Chadley and he's also and NPC.

-Everything is different gameplay-wise. Leveling up, upgrading weapons, weapon abilities, ATB, materia leveling up are all different. Things also get more complicated with characters having more commands available like stance changes and teammates can be set on offense, defense or support.

-Part I was supposed to have 24 chapters but a lot of it was cut and were planned to be saved for a third part (if they would ever make one) Part I didn't do as well as they had hoped so Part II will probably be the last one so more stuff wil be cut and compressed and the leftover stuff from Part I will be incorporated into Part II. Part II as a result will be longer and marketed as the grand finale.

-The team is happy that the game was generally well-received but they're sad that it didn't outsell XV's launch. Higher-ups and shareholders are mad because after the mess that was XV's development they thought VII Remake would be their easy money in the bag. To try and make it more profitable they're gonna be doing special editions and rereleases for next gen as well as selling as many merch and collectibles as they can.

-They're doing another movie in the VII Remake universe which is a seperate canon from the original VII and the Compilation.

-The game is coming in Q1 2022.

Now, obviously, take everything with a huge grain of salt, but what do you think?

Assuming all of this is true I'm sad that they'll be cutting stuff out and that Part I didn't go as they had hoped but, more importantly, that there won't be a Part III after all and that we won't actually get to play as Vincent, Cid or Cait Sith as an individual entity.

On the bright side, no time travelling, no mutliverse and new clothes!

Chamayoo 22-09-20 23:57

I'm not that much aware of Final Fantasy current state, but I'm shock to learn that FF7 Remake were not successful enough for them. :eek:
... Well if this is really the case.

Or shouldn't be surprised after their reaction to TR 2013 performance back in the time. :pi:

SnatchingEdges 23-09-20 00:13

FAKE. FF7Remake hasn't even got out in other platforms, they will not make that decision. FF7R is a big Project, not a single game.

Yuna´s Wish 23-09-20 00:30

New clothes!? :eek:


As stupid as this sounds, FFVII Remake should have had multiple outfits (besides those of Chapter 9, of course). I hope these new clothes are additions and not replacements, of course.

I wouldn't be mad if those rumors were accurate. I never liked the original to begin with, so I'll take whatever I'm given as long as it's just as fun to play as Part 1.

I'll also say that not having a Part 3 would be quite weird. But then there is FFXIII, that proved there wasn't much effort put in its third entry, so it might be better to stop at 2.

Tsarina 04-10-20 21:36

In case no one knows, if you contact Sony Live you can ask them for Final Fantasy VII Remake Avatar vouchers. There are certain ones for completing chapters and platinuming the game. Just got my avatars!

Lord Lulu 05-10-20 00:02


Originally Posted by Tsarina (Post 8243966)
In case no one knows, if you contact Sony Live you can ask them for Final Fantasy VII Remake Avatar vouchers. There are certain ones for completing chapters and platinuming the game. Just got my avatars!

I have no idea what that even means. Can you please explain?

Tsarina 05-10-20 15:43


Originally Posted by Lord Lulu (Post 8243987)
I have no idea what that even means. Can you please explain?


Lord Lulu 05-10-20 23:49


Originally Posted by Tsarina (Post 8244046)

Now I understand. Thank you for this.

Sadly now I feel left out as I still can't play the game.:(

LNSNHGTDS 05-12-20 20:05

Okay guys, I have a question.

Should I buy Dissidia on PS4..?

I haven't heard the best words about it and I guess Square Enix straight up announcing that they're cancelling the content they had planned is a huge red flag but I can't help but feel curious...

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