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coolaideonfire 06-03-13 16:33

[QUOTE=_Tomb_Raider;6688729]Quick time events? I take it you are somewhere at first few hours of so of the game - because at the part where I'm now, there are none QTE that I even forgot about them :ton: So don't worry.
Yeah, I do agree that there is maybe a little bit too much of combat - but I don't mind - I suggest to put on easy mode it will help to finish combats parts of the game much faster since there is no option to put lock-aim. ;)[/QUOTE]

I am near the start, indeed! Just started this afternoon... glad to hear the QTE's die down eventually. They're such a nuisance gaming feature. I derive no joy from mashing buttons or pressing them in a specific sequence. :D

Gamd1011 06-03-13 16:35

[QUOTE=Lukass;6688742]Does she take the bow off (not aim) her back herself or the player does it?[/QUOTE]
What do you mean? :confused:

Peep Show 06-03-13 16:36

I don't know why so many people are struggling with the combat lol, I had no problems even on hard but you guys can just change the difficulty to easy.

tomekkobialka 06-03-13 16:39

Oh my gerd, I just saw a [COLOR=Red][B][SIZE=4]Tomb[/SIZE][/B][/COLOR] [COLOR=DimGray][B][SIZE=4]Raider[/SIZE][/B][/COLOR] poster on the edge of a London bus.

Funny, cos I was standing at the edge of Wimbledon High Street when I saw it. :o ;)

LaraDuh 06-03-13 16:41

I found combat challenging, but also really fun. I played on Normal so I did die a couple times during, but never found myself angry because of combat. I really hope they fix the choppy-ness of MP, because its really fun but some weapons are REALLY overpowered and Its laggy some of the time. When it isn't lagging though, its really addictive.

_Tomb_Raider 06-03-13 16:42

[B]!MAJOR STORY SPOILER![/B] - if you quote this post make sure to delet what is down below.
[COLOR="White"]HOW THE **** could you Cristal do this to Alex! I soooo wanted him to be with Lara in the end! :cen: :cen: Oh well... [/COLOR]

b0bb13 06-03-13 16:52

^ Good God no. I mean [B]SPOILERSS[/B] [COLOR="White"]I was pretty sad when I realised that they were going to kill him off, but the entire scene was just so perfect, Lara's kiss oh gosh /feels ;_;[/COLOR]

Gamd1011 06-03-13 16:56

^ I kinda saw it coming tbh. :o

_Tomb_Raider 06-03-13 17:13

[QUOTE=b0bb13;6688783]^ Good God no. I mean [B]SPOILERSS[/B] [COLOR="White"][/COLOR][/QUOTE]

Yeah it was really sweet - yet sad. :o But oh well it's time to move on, a lot stuff to do... :jmp:

[QUOTE=Gamd1011;6688791]^ I kinda saw it coming tbh. :o[/QUOTE]

It came as a shock to me I must say. :(

sukinsin88 06-03-13 17:24

so I moved further but I have a bug


it's on minute 12:52 min i normal climb up but after that lara fall down or she goes through this boxs so glitch or bug ?

can anyone pass this section for me and upload save game folder thanks

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