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TheRCroft 07-09-13 19:01

My parents don't play videogames but they both know who Lara Croft is. Heck, even my grandmother probably knows who she is :p

Mikky 07-09-13 19:06

My parents know who she is, but I think they only know her through appearance (and name, obviously). I don't even think they know that she's an archaeologist. If they saw me play TR2013 and saw Lara, just the fact that I'm playing a game with a pony-tailed white woman who has guns, through that, they'd jump to the conclusion that she's Lara. :p

LNSNHGTDS 07-09-13 22:17

[QUOTE=TheRCroft;6898972]My parents don't play videogames but they both know who Lara Croft is. Heck, even my [B][U]grandmother[/U][/B] probably knows who she is :p[/QUOTE]

I remeber mine used to watch me play Tomb Raider: Legend, she loved her hair :p !

Steven_1379 08-09-13 03:19

my mom once said on a reunion if the Lara Croft games end or he stop playing them im gonna have to buy him condoms...:P

the games have not ended, i still play em and need em condoms anyways :P

pirate1802 08-09-13 04:42

[QUOTE=_Ninja_;6898917]My parents don't know who Lara is or anything about video games really.[/QUOTE]

Same. Although, seeing me play recently.. she atleast have a vague idea about it. She pronounces it as "Tomb Rider" though. :confused:

tomee 08-09-13 07:48

Mine pronunce it as "Tom Braider" :pi:

The1andOnlyTR 09-09-13 19:06

My friends and family are extremely well aware who Lara Croft is. I made sure of that. :D

Just noticed Lara is on the IGN Games Newsletter subscription add. :p

Spong 10-09-13 13:50

[QUOTE=tomee;6899427]Mine pronunce it as "Tom Braider" :pi:[/QUOTE]

That's the ghost name Lara uses when she writes & publishes books :p
As for my parents and their knowledge of Tomb Raider/Lara Croft, they know nothing. In fact, they're probably both dead by now.

lcroft_lc 10-09-13 20:31


Making of Tomb Raider

Concept Art: Early Ascension Environment Exploration
Artist: Brenoch Adams, Art Director

Rai 10-09-13 23:59

I love those ^ (I can't see them in your post, I assume you posted the images? I saw them earlier. I also love this:

Gorgeous. I so would have loved to be bale to explore the Palace before the fires/combat.

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