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lcroft_lc 27-12-13 09:19

Guys don't forget to vote for TR in Gamespot user choice of 2013. :)

larafan25 29-12-13 22:40

I don't remember if I asked this, but what ever happened to Advanced Imaging?


Mikky 29-12-13 22:48

Nothing? It was just some words from the website that we discussed here, wasn't it? Don't remember them having any actual meaning, relating to the game, anyway. Really, I always figured it was just some fancy wordings they put up on the website to make it look... Fancy.

larafan25 29-12-13 22:54

ereethang else had a meaning. didn't it/?

IDK. dang. I thought it would be important.

Mikky 29-12-13 23:26

It was just us reading too much into it because we had nothing else to discuss. :p We all remember that media dryspell. Ugh. :/

Zebra 29-12-13 23:28

I guess it's got something to do with Trinity. IIRC it had something to do with satellites so it can't have anything to do with the WWII soldiers and the only modern entity who knows about and is interested in the island is Trinity. So yeah, we might see more of that in the sequel...or we might not :p. Who knows?

larafan25 29-12-13 23:28

^I did think that it was perhaps the original name for Trinity, but maybe they changed it, because Advanced Imagining Co. sounds too much like a corporation. But IDK. Maybe it's just the. hm. dang. Well it must be the people looking for the missing stuff. Because of the record of Lara missing and stuff. dang. IDK.

I'm waiting for the TR10 media dryspell to go out and purchase the DE. I think that is the most wise decision.

But I still want someone to ask about Advanced Imagining in the official Q&A.

Rai 30-12-13 00:00

@Larafan, :wve:

I was curious too, tbh. I think the Q&A is still open.

larafan25 30-12-13 00:07

I think I already posted two questions in the current Q&A though. :/

Rai 30-12-13 00:10

I haven't.

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