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Mikky 14-01-14 22:00

[QUOTE=Zebra;6979830]I think they want people to come to exactly that conclusion. Obviously, the standard edition is cheaper than 29,99 at most retailers by now and Square want people to buy their more expensive GOTY edition. So they make people believe that the old one still costs 29,99 and then show the GOTY edition for the same price with more features to make people decide to buy the GOTY edition.[/QUOTE]

Yeah, you're probably right. :p SMH. Dem evil promo people.

Steven_1379 14-01-14 22:08

[QUOTE=larafan25;6979828]Thanks. Though now I wonder if I should wait and just purchase the comic digitally. hmmm[/QUOTE]

the comic = a 5min cutscnene that never made it
lame they had to cut it to fit the whole woke up on a cave tied intro

larafan25 14-01-14 22:14

[QUOTE=Steven_1379;6979867]the comic = a 5min cutscnene that never made it
lame they had to cut it to fit the whole woke up on a cave tied intro[/QUOTE]

We're talking about a comic series tho. [I]the[/I] comic series.

Rai 14-01-14 22:21

[QUOTE=Steven_1379;6979867]the comic = a 5min cutscnene that never made it
lame they had to cut it to fit the whole woke up on a cave tied intro[/QUOTE]
Nope. This is a comic series starting from February and continuing until...dunno exactly. It's being written by Gail Simone, so a different writer than the game. As far as we know, the events take place after the events of Yamatai. It can't be half baked if there's a new one every month :pi:. Though I imagine Gail collaborates with CD so that everything ties in.

Stevo505 14-01-14 22:29

So apparently Lara is going globe-trotting in the comics. Does that mean that in the sequel enough time will have past that she will be more experienced? I wouldn't mind playing an
experienced Lara in the sequel.

Mikky 14-01-14 22:32

I wonder how much can happen before the sequel? With 3 known issues, we know quite a bit will happen already. And I wonder how important will be be to the sequel's plot. I can't help think that it can't be THAT important, otherwise you'd need to read the comics to understand the sequel. Surely they couldn't get away with that, right?

If it is all vital story, is anyone thinking they'll end up including the issues in the game in the Extras menu? :pi:

PallasAthene 14-01-14 22:42

I'm really hoping that the comics tie up a lot of the loose ends regarding the aftermath of the Endurance expedition. That way, when the next game comes out, we wont have to hear endlessly about Lara's feelings/trauma/guilt and we wont have to hear about the other crew members because their after-stories will already have been addressed in the comics. I think comics are a much more appropriate medium for these aspects of the story.

I'm actually looking forward to reading them. The only thing I don't get is why Lara is still wearing her raggedy old Yamatai outfit in all the art work :confused:

Evan C. 14-01-14 22:59

^Hopefully. Nevertheless, the fact she's completely away from the other survivors during the final cutscene, thinking and droping no word is a major hint of what is coming.

larafan25 14-01-14 23:01

I want Miss Croft to drop off the map (well she already has) permanently. I don't want people to think about her, or know where she is.

Evan C. 14-01-14 23:05

It won't happen. She's dedicating her life to social science, it would be an irony. What she's trying to do is, tomb raiding in between, figuring out what the heck is true and what isn't on the rich myths surrounding past. She's not Batman to live on her own dark world, she's aware of everything from a prudent distance.

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