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kryptonite23 12-07-08 00:39

[QUOTE=dcw123;2851812]Yh..I like the way he winks at ya..and Coco's face is priceless..:o
The "Oooppss, didn't know that was behind me" look..:o[/QUOTE]
[U][I][COLOR="Blue"]I agree :D[/COLOR][/I][/U]

khFREAK 12-07-08 10:45

[QUOTE=dcw123;2846366]Thanks.. i love them movies so much.. freaked me out a bit too LOL:D
Yet another of my fav horror movies..

wow. that's really freaky. I watched the grudge and the ring on the same day. some awesome horror movies.. and work :tmb:

Tombraiderx08 12-07-08 10:59


tampi 13-07-08 17:27

"Underpus" news:


Is this the year of the underpus?????


kryptonite23 14-07-08 10:22

[I][COLOR="Blue"]Nice pic! :D
He's popular :vlol:[/COLOR][/I]

Alex Fly 14-07-08 15:36

[QUOTE=tampi;2854603]"Underpus" news:
Lol ! Nice one ! :D

Kiss-Bite 15-07-08 00:04

[B]There is a romour that Croft Manor will be burnt down in TRU!:D[/B]


Encore 15-07-08 00:08

ahahahahah !! :vlol: You done it again! Brilliant :D

Rivendell 15-07-08 00:11

:vlol: Great!

thevman 15-07-08 01:00

[QUOTE=Kiss-Bite;2857630][B]There is a romour that Croft Manor will be burnt down in TRU!:D[/B]


[b][size=8]DAMN YOU UNDERPUS! :hea:

DAMN YOU ALL TO HELL!!!!!![/size][/b] [img][/img]

(not really, it's funny as hell! :tmb: :vlol:)

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