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Fluen 02-10-17 19:47

Fexmerger able to copy sprites?
I'm trying to include the flamethrower from TR2: Diving Area into TR2: Bartholi's Hideout, and merging objects from these two levels are causing trouble.

If I copy the flamethrower into Bartholi's Hideout, the enemy himself and his sounds are copied. He also functions in game: he can set Lara on fire, and the area in which he spreads fire is lit. But the flames themselves are not seen. That makes it difficult to estimate his firing range.

If I use Diving Area as the base and try to copy the detonator box with the corresponding key into it, the key becomes a very small, almost invisible, triangle. It looks just fine in the inventory, but that's no good, if the player is unable to spot it in game.

Sadly, both the flamethrower and the detonator box are needed in the level. So I have to get them both.

It looks like the only missing part of the flamethrower is the firesprite, and I don't know how to copy the sprites with FexMerger.

Is Fexmerger able to copy sprites somehow? Or is there another way to copy the flame sprite into the base level?

Danath 02-10-17 21:21

I don't think Fexmerger can copy sprites. You can use TRViewer for that, the only downside is that bubble sprites can become bugged and show as blood when you are underwater.
Select the sprite you want with TRViewer, right-click the name and select "Export as .Trspr". Then into your level you import that .trspr file. :)

Fluen 05-10-17 14:57

Thank you. It worked.

Now I have both a flamethrower with flames and a functioning detonator box with a visible key - and so far no wrong sprites. :tmb:

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