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boleklo_lo 01-10-19 19:58

Something about Lara
I really don't know if there is anyone who wanna read this, but here you are:) :

Lara in a nutshell (data from 1996) Name: Lara Surname: Croft Nationality: British Date and place of birth: February 14, 1968, Wimbledon, England Marital status: virgin Blood group: AB- Height: 1.74 m Weight: 57.5 kg Bust: 34D Waist: 24 Hips: 35 Hair color: Brown Eye color: Brown Number of dresses: 8 Shoe number: 7 Distinctive signs: Two Beretta 9mm Favorite music: U2, Nine Inch Nails. In addition, trance, because I train well with him. Favorite movie: Wrath of God Fears: He is afraid of his aunt's dog, who bit her several times, and she can't do anything to him.

ĽLara's biography from the game Tomb Raider (2013) Lara Croft is a 21-year-old British girl who has recently graduated in archeology. By earning for university classes, she worked part-time several times, including at the bar. Her main interests are archery, rock and mountain climbing, reading and scientific research. Lara is a modest young woman, plus a bookworm and a somewhat workaholic type who walks through her life in search of its meaning and direction after her parents disappeared during one of the expeditions. Her meeting was carefree and free of problems. Growing up, Lara spent time with her parents on many archeological expeditions. In this way, she developed her own worldview and passion for ancient secrets. After graduating from his first job related to the search for Yamatai. In this way, she became a full-fledged crew team of the Endurance ship, although it was not the first time I found myself on its device. She spends a lot of time on this ship as a teenager, when her father hired Roth for the expedition, and is also available now in several minor expeditions as an intern whenever available free from university classes. At present, her friend Samantha and the crew of the Endurance ship are her immediate family. Lara is characterized by strong moral (and physical) courage. She is smart, resourceful and determined. When it comes to what, Lara's loyalty to her friends will prove more important than fear for her own safety.

Lara's biography with TR: Legend (2006)

Lady Lara Croft is the countess of the eleventh generation. The Croft family received the title and rights to Abbingdon in Surrey from King Edward VI in 1547. The Croft property consists of three separate manor houses. Two of them are maintained by the National Trust (National Trust Fund for Restoration of Monuments) and the third is the home of Lara.

Lady Croft personally suffered several private tragedies, including the death of both parents for various reasons before reaching adulthood. The famous genius and gymnast with Olympic skills - Lara Croft, is at the center of uncontrollable speculation and intense debate, both in the scientific and political environment. Ideally and ideally trained, Lara is undoubtedly one of the most passionate and enigmatic figures of our time.

Lara Croft was born in Surrey, at Parkside Hospital, the daughter of Lady Amelia Croft and the notorious archaeologist Lord Richard Croft, the last Earl of Abbingdon. From the age of three to six, Lara attended the Abbingdon Girls School, where it quickly became apparent that she was an extremely talented child.

At the age of nine, she survived a plane crash in the Himalayas that took her mother's life. This was the first example that she is truly fearless. It survived a lonely ten-day crossing of the Himalayas, one of the most hostile places in the world. After reaching Kathmandu, Lara went to the nearest bar and called her father asking if he could come and pick her up.

For six years after the plane crash, Lara behaved like her father and traveled around the world, from one excavation site to the next. At that time, she allegedly received lessons from private teachers, but more precisely, she was in constant practice with her father.

When she was eighteen, her father disappeared in Cambodia. Extensive searches by the authorities and Lara herself led to the excavation of human remains, which, however, could not be definitively identified. Since Lord Croft's body was not officially found, Lara could not directly inherit the title of Croft and was drawn into a fierce family quarrel over control of the property in Abbingdon with her uncle Lord Errol Croft. Lara eventually won the court battle and took possession of the inheritance at the cost of a serious breakup in her family, which alienated her from all her living relatives.

Lady Croft has already overshadowed her father's professional achievements. She is credited with discovering fifteen archaeological sites of global significance. These areas still provide new insights into the past. No one can undermine Lara's amazing achievements in the field of archeology, but she still has her critics.

Lara's methods were often questioned by government officials and other archaeologists. It was variously described. Starting with describing her as "laid-back", ending with "irresponsible". Some scholars have suggested that her notorious lack of documentation and brutal methodology have contaminated countless construction sites and done more harm than good. There were even (unfounded) allegations that Lara actually took various things from these areas before notifying international environments about their locations and that she was nothing more than a glorified treasure hunter.

Despite the interest in the tabloid press, Lara, Miss Croft definitely protects her privacy. She never interviewed or made any personal comments about gossip about her. Lara prefers to express herself through short official statements from her family lawyers: Hardgraves and Moore.

As might be expected, many unofficial biographies about the young countess attribute to her crazy and amazing exploits, ranging from the discovery of living dinosaurs in Congo to infiltrating the infamous Area 51 in Nevada. The official position of the Croft family on these publications is that "... these books circulate total nonsense: shameful, shabby works based on total fiction."

Despite this, if you enter the Internet in search of the unexplained, mysterious, and even unbelievable, you will find Lara Croft's name repeatedly. She seems to be a hero for lovers of conspiracy theories and alternative stories.

It seems that the further you delve into Lara's life, the more amazing and mysterious it becomes. Perhaps, as in the case of the archaeological areas he discovers, we only know the exterior of this amazing woman, and the complex and impenetrable secrets hid inside her.

Biography of Lara from TR: Angel of Darkness (2003)

From the beginning, Lara stood out at school and was independent. She has always preferred individual sports rather than team sports. While attending school in Gordonstoun, Scotland, she specialized in mountain climbing, kayaking, horse riding and archery. As befits a real athlete, Lara discovered her passion for firearms as an additional learning activity, but was "discouraged" by school authorities. Later, at the "Swiss Finishing School" in Switzerland, she developed her shooting interests by getting, due to her personal charm, into the "Swiss Armed Forces" training field, where she proved to be a natural and qualified shooter. Then she felt attracted to fast vehicles and to any form of extreme sport, "just to keep fit."

As the daughter of Lord Henshingly Croft, Lara was used to an aristocratic life. As a teenager, she rebelled against the increasingly rigid aspects of her growing up, but when she moved to Gordonstoun in 1984, the Scottish mountains gave her an unprecedented degree of freedom. Her world changed even more when she encountered one of the works of Professor Werner Von Croy and heard his lecture on an archeological career. This experience had a profound effect on Lara, planting her passion for distant places and adventures.

She discovered that Von Croy was preparing for an archaeological expedition to Asia and convinced her parents to let her accompany her. Von Croy was also convinced after the promise of financial support for the expedition. He was impressed by the enthusiasm and energy of the young Amazon. Lara could take care of herself without any problems, and the experience of traveling was for her a unique education. An adventure in Cambodia changed her life for good. For the first time, she met with the risks and secrets of the ancient world of antiques. Since then, terrifying dangers have become part of her daily life. In the following years, she fought with ancient mythical forces, survived the crash of the plane in the middle of the Himalayas, shot heavily armed opponents and always won prizes - valuable artifacts.

Despite inheriting the Croft estate in Surrey, Lara lives the same way she prefers to work - alone. An obstacle course and a shooting range were built at her request on her estate, from which she sometimes visits. With her unique physical abilities, Lara is confident of breaking many athletic world records, but doesn't see this as a challenge for her. An important element of danger is missing. The large rooms of the property are useful for storing many artifacts that she acquired during her adventures. At Croft Manor there is also adequate space for her favorite vehicles. Everything on two wheels above 650 cc is acceptable, but Lara also recognizes Triumph Speed ​​Triple and Harley V-Rod as extremely attractive bikes.

Despite her archaeological successes, Lara is also proud of her achievements in other areas - she has driven the dangerous Alaskan Highway route from Tierra del Fuego in South America towards Alaska in record time. This small escapade resulted in headlines around the world. They publicized the opinion of the anti-science association that Lara was a black sheep threatening their good name. Lara loves the term, but is usually shunned by the media when they begin to meddle in her plundering of graves.

Recent events have cast a shadow over Lara's life. She was found missing after a catastrophic expedition to the Egyptian tombs with Von Croy. Lara refuses to confirm or deny the rumors of spending some time with North African tribes. Whatever happened in Egypt, Lara, after returning to the inherited Croft house in Surrey, became almost a recluse.

Lara Croft from TR 1-5

Lara Croft, daughter of Lord Henshingly Croft, was born in England on February 14, 1968 in London's Wimbledon. From birth, she was raised as an aristocrat and lived in splendor away from the world at Croft Manor in Surrey. At the age of 3, Lara began studying with her private teacher. At the age of 11, she began attending "Wimbledon High School", a private high school for girls in London.

When Lara turned 16, her parents decided that she should expand her education by studying in Gordonstoun, northern Scotland, in one of the most prominent schools in Great Britain. Meanwhile, Lara found a copy of National Geographic on the lobby table. The cover had a known name - Professor Werner Von Croy. This respected archaeologist once gave a lecture at her school to students and parents.

This experience had a profound effect on Lara, planting her desire to travel to distant places in search of adventure. In a way, Von Croy became an inspirational figure for Lara. Further reading the magazine, Lara learned that Von Croy was preparing for an archaeological expedition through Asia, focusing on Cambodia, where he hoped to make a great discovery. Unable to miss such an opportunity, Lara burst into the room, threw the article in front of her parents, and without hesitation declared that she would keep Von Croy company on his expedition. Lord Croft could not deny that the journey itself is education. Lara went deeper and deeper, until finally her father was behind the desk writing a letter to Von Croy. He introduced himself as an influential person and offered financial support in exchange for his daughter's place in the expedition.

Von Croy's reply assured Henshingly Croft that the areas he was going to visit were friendly and that he had enough experience to take care of himself and Lara. Lara's company as an assistant was welcome, as was a generous check from the Lord. Von Croy remembered Lara from his lecture - her constant but insightful questions made quite a big impression on him. And in this way Lara received permission to accompany Von Croy during his trip.

After completing her Swiss education at the Swiss Finishing School at the age of 21, Lara's future marriage was almost certain until the day Lara was returning home from her vacation in the mountains. Then her rented plane crashed deep in the Himalayas. Lara would probably die there, like most people in this situation, but she knew how to rely on her own abilities to keep herself alive in hostile conditions, in a different world, unlike her childhood.

Two weeks later, when she entered the village of Tokakeriby in India, her new experiences had a great impact on her, and there were some changes in her. Her Himalayan odyssey was both a miracle and enlightenment, because this young woman not only survived, but found an idea for herself and the world that used to make her shallow and naive. Lara saw her future reflected in a completely different light.

From then on, Miss Croft felt deep inside that she was destined for more in this life than spoiled existence, which was a numb routine. She realized that she really lived a full life only when she traveled alone. Over the next eight years, she gained knowledge of ancient civilizations. Her family soon dispossessed their gifted daughter, hoping that she would eventually marry Count Farringdon. However, she began to write books to earn her expeditions.

Known for discovering many ancient sites that were part of archaeological excavations, she also gained fame after the destruction of the real Great Foot in North America. Her name came into being thanks to the publication of travel books and detailed journals from her travels. Lara Croft has become a seeker of truths, both small and large, and her race for artifacts is continued by her to this day.

I hope someone read it because it took me a while:jmp:

Tomb Raidering 01-10-19 20:09

Did you tie these together from snippits of information you found on the web? Because itís actually fascinating! Itís a little confusing about Classic Lara (TR1-5 Lara IS AoD Lara) but overall I liked Legend Laraís background the most. Itís like an earlier version of Riseís father story...... ^.^

But I donít know if it belongs in the TR1 section.

boleklo_lo 01-10-19 20:15


Originally Posted by Tomb Raidering (Post 8135475)
Did you tie these together from snippits of information you found on the web? Because itís actually fascinating! Itís a little confusing about Classic Lara (TR1-5 Lara IS AoD Lara) but overall I liked Legend Laraís background the most. Itís like an earlier version of Riseís father story...... ^.^

But I donít know if it belongs in the TR1 section.

I did just spend whole sunday to search every single lara biography, and then just wrote a long version about most interesting things:)

Felix Kroft 01-10-19 22:53

All of this info can be found on Polish Tomb Raider site.

I've read it all, a long, long time ago, also most of it is taken from official game booklets / manuals.

But thanks anyway!
Great collection of info ; ]

TR-Freak 02-10-19 07:24

reading the AoD Bio portrays lara as a super human thats just bored by being a human :vlol:

boleklo_lo 02-10-19 16:06

I agree :jmp:

Anakzunamuhn 03-10-19 15:21

Wasn't one of the original ideas to make Lara part of the nephilim race? Like that's why she jump so high and have so much airlung capacity

Tomb Raidering 03-10-19 15:29


Originally Posted by Anakzunamuhn (Post 8135827)
Wasn't one of the original ideas to make Lara part of the nephilim race? Like that's why she jump so high and have so much airlung capacity

It was considered for AoD. Thank god it didnít happen though... >.<

Daft Raider 03-10-19 19:43


Originally Posted by Tomb Raidering (Post 8135831)
It was considered for AoD. Thank god it didnít happen though... >.<

Oh god, it was? I've never heard of that! Thank goodness they didn't go through with that, that would've been so awful. :vlol:

Tomb Raidering 03-10-19 22:04


Originally Posted by Daft Raider (Post 8135963)
Oh god, it was? I've never heard of that! Thank goodness they didn't go through with that, that would've been so awful. :vlol:

Yeah... :rolleyes:

My memoryís a little vague. IIRC, Lara was going to be an experimental mutant with Nephilim blood running through her veins, made by the Cabal themselves. She somehow replaced the place of the Croftsí real baby. Kurtis was also a nephilim and fate was going to make them cross paths in 2003. So cringey, I know... :p But I may be wrong on some things. Thereís design documents from the lead writer of AoD somewhere here on the forums mentioning these...

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