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LaraCablara 12-01-20 03:54

Oh, this is tough.

I would say:

Tomb Raider 3
Tomb Raider 1
Last Revelation
Tomb Raider 2
Angel of Darkness

Other than Angel of Darkness, I really do love them all. Honorable mention to Curse of the Sword for the GBC which was actually pretty fun. It feels almost wrong to put Rise next to Angel of Darkness, but I genuinely cant remember anything about it for some reason.

I hate seeing Shadow at the bottom of everyone's' lists. Square if you are reading this: MORE SHADOW please :p. Ignore these people they dunno what they want!

Croft3D 21-01-20 00:23

Tomb Raider The last Revelation
Tomb Raider 1
Tomb Raider 2
Tomb Raider 3
Tomb Raider Anniversary
Tomb Raider Legend
Tomb Raider Underworld
Shadow of Tomb Raider
Rise Of Tomb Raider
Tomb Raider Reboot
Tomb Raider Angel of Darkness


Tomb Raidering 21-01-20 10:12

Ummmm, Chronicles?
Must be your 1# then..... :p

MiCkiZ88 21-01-20 12:47

1. Tomb Raider The Last Revelation
2. Tomb Raider II
3. Rise of the Tomb Raider/ Shadow of the Tomb Raider
4. Tomb Raider III
5. Tomb Raider 2013
6. Tomb Raider
7. AoD
8. Anniversary
9. Underworld
10. Legend
11. Chronicles

Love both Rise and Shadow pretty much equally so its hard for me to choose between them :p

Lars Revelation just takes the top spot because of my obsession with Egypt and TRII was my first taste and hence nostalgia wins a high spot in the rankings. Chronicles was just meh..

Tomb Raidering 21-01-20 12:55

Iíll stan Chronicles, Anniversary, and AoD forever! <3
1. Chronicles
2. Anniversary
3. AoD
4. Legend
5. TR2013

6. The Last Revelation
7. TRI
8. Rise

9. Shadow
10. Underworld
12. TRII

Aerie 24-01-20 20:01

3. TR V, AOD

10. Underworld
11. Legend

20. Anniversary

1000. TR2013, Rise, Shadow

The numbers don't make sense, but that's how I feel.

Tomb Raidering 24-01-20 20:17


Originally Posted by Aerie (Post 8167440)

I think I got it! O.O
Classic is great.
LAU is ‘meh’.
Reboot is terrible.

*GoL Lara voice* If there’s one thing that I don’t agree with your post, it is that you’ve placed Anniversary so below. At least let it be above Underworld... >.>

Host of Embers 11-04-20 01:52

1- The Last Revelation
2- Rise
3- Angel of Darkness
5- 2013
6- Chronicles
7- TRI
8- Shadow
10- Anniversary
11- Underworld
12- Legend

The legend trilogy just sucks, sorry

laracroftswest 11-04-20 04:52


Originally Posted by Tomb Raidering (Post 8166773)

TRC at the top and TR2 at the bottom?



XXIIXX 11-04-20 07:17

I'll do a "subjective" one based on how much I enjoyed the games and an "objective" one based on how well they were received and how many copies they sold because I think making lists is fun and Final Fantasy VII Remake hasn't arrived yet so I'm super bored!

Subjective Discalimer: I replay the games every now and then and my preferences change very often so it's quite possible that if we have the same discussion again in a few months this will be different. The only one that stays put is Legend.
  1. Lara Croft Tomb Raider: Legend - Rank: S+

    The first I ever played so it will always hold a very special place in my heart. I love it's pacing, I love the atmosphere, I love Lara and I love the variety of the locations and outfits. I love the story too. If only it were a bit longer..

  2. Tomb Raider II: Starring Lara Croft - Rank: S

    Gorgeous level design and a very fun Lara. The story was fun too and I didn't mind the ridiculous ammount of enemies but I could certainly leave without them...

  3. Tomb Raider: Underworld - Rank: S

    I started up hating the game because back in 2008 I only had a PlayStation 2 and a Wii but finally playing the game as it was meant to be played, on the PS3, was an eye-opening experience. The levels are gorgeous, gameplay is fun and Lara looks prettier than ever. Animations are stiff and the story is not the best (not the worst either) but an overall fun game to play.

  4. Shadow of the Tomb Raider - Rank: S-

    Definitely my favourite of the Reboot era. It has it's fair share of issues, particularly an overabundance of side-quests and collectibles that feel a lot like padding and are not that fun to complete but still an enjoyable experience.

  5. Rise of the Tomb Raider - Rank: S-

    I always felt bitter towards this game due to timed exclusivity fiasco that was the biggest slap in the face, up there with Beneath the Ashes and Lara's Shadow, but once I was ready to move on from that I had fun playing the game. The story took a plunging dive from the previous game but if you can, somehow, get past that the game is actually very very fun to play. Croft Manor was amazing too.

  6. Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation - Rank: A+

    EGYPT! YES! Definitely among the hardest in the series but I think once you get past that the experience is rewarding. Best iteration of Core Lara personality-wise and best-looking PS1 Tomb Raider game.

  7. Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Angel of Darkness - Rank: A

    Bugs and glitches aside the game is fun. I do think it tried too many new things at the same time and it didn't work that well for it but it has arguably one of the most well-written stories in the series and I think it's good that they decided to take a more realistic approach on Lara.

  8. Tomb Raider III: Adventures of Lara Croft - Rank: A-

    I always had a very weird relationship with this game. I like the story, I like the setting, I like the locations but there's something I can't quite explain that always prevented me from enjoying the game any further. It's not a bad game but it's not a perfect one either.

  9. Lara Croft Tomb Raider: Anniversary - Rank: A-

    I think that Anniversary, in many ways succeeded in what it set out to do; Bring the original game in the (then) modern era. I LOVE it's ambience and atmosphere and setting but I think some areas fell short compared to the original. I also don' care much for the game's story, original or remade.

  10. Tomb Raider - Rank: A-

    The reboot as a concept has some very cool ideas. The story and setting and origins story concept are good but the execution leaves a lot to be desired. In the case of Rise and Shadow I'm willing to ignore the deteriorating story because the games are fun to play and while the Reboot is still fun to play as well, concepts like exploration and actual tomb raiding are hardly featured in it so I can't give it a free pass.

  11. Tomb Raider: Featuring Lara Croft - Rank: B+

    I think the fact I played Anniversary before the original is the reason this game is not higher. Again, I love the atmosphere and I love what the game represents and I have huge respect for it for that but, despite what most critics and fans thought, I think it's sequels all managed to do what this game does better, one way or another...

  12. Tomb Raider: Chronicles - Rank: B+

...except this game. I don't hate Chronicles but I'm not sure I understand the reason it exists either. I mean, yes, I do, money, but at the same time I feel like Chronicles doesn't manage to hide the fact that it's a mix of scrapped concepts and ideas fused together very well. I think the fact that "Lara is dead", even though I knew she was alive because I had already played Legend, Angel of Darkness and Anniversary, doesn't sit well with me. Ireland is awesome though, I think the only time we got close to that level of spookiness and eeriness was with Baba Yaga.

"Objective" Disclaimer 2: While I say "objective", this is still my take on the games, but based on general reception by both fans and the general public instead of how much I enjoyed playing them myself.
  1. Tomb Raider: Featuring Lara Croft - 92/100
  2. Tomb Raider - 88/100
  3. Rise of the Tomb Raider - 87/100
  4. Tomb Raider II: Starring Lara Croft - 85/100
  5. Shadow of the Tomb Raider - 83/100
  6. Tomb Raider III: Adevntures of Lara Croft - 82/100
  7. Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation - 82/100
  8. Tomb Raider: Underworld - 80/100
  9. Lara Croft Tomb Raider: Legend - 79/100
  10. Lara Croft Tomb Raider: Anniversary - 78/100
  11. Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Angel of Darkness - 63/100
  12. Tomb Raider Chronicles - 52/100

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