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H4RR7H 02-06-11 11:19

TR: The Soundtrack - Sad news: Dimitrijevic *possibly* left out; affects Trailer
Edit: Check out the new TR theme/trailer music here :tmb:

In anticipation of the trailer this evening I had written out an interview for Aleksandar Dimitrijevic to partake in. I received this disheartening reply (in my opinion) :(


Originally Posted by Aleksandar_D

Sorry for the late reply, although I visit the forum frequently, for some time I forgot to log in, hence I didn't see the PM until now.

I'm sorry to say but, from what I know at the moment, looks like none of the music I did for the game or the trailer will be used in Tomb Raider or the upcoming Tomb Raider Trailer.

Crystal Dynamics has the rights for all the music I did for this project, which means that I am not in position to share or release any of it. Weather this work will be used for something or publicly shared is totally up to CD.

Your questions are great and well thought out, and I would have enjoyed answering them, but given the current situation it would be pointless.

Once again, huge THANK YOU to the TR community for the overwhelming support and feedback I got for the little snippet of music you heard on podcast.

Looking forward to see the new trailer tonight, like everyone else. :)


Dimitrijevic was named as the composer for the trailer by Karl Stewart in January, (and by the sound of the pm there still is a chance that he is).


Originally Posted by Karl Stewart
Before we get ahead of ourselves here, Alex Dimitrijevic is scoring the trailer. We officially haven't announced the composer for the game


Originally Posted by Karl Stewart
Were delighted to have such an esteemed composer working with us on our first major #tombraider asset. Which is due to drop very soon

http://twitter.com/CrystalDKarl/stat...71546396737536 (The "Asset" concerned is the trailer)

This is an excerpt of the music he wrote for the trailer, heard in the GameInformer podcast way back in December 2010, which we may or may not hear tonight:

Had to make this thread to discuss the possible loss of his work, and to inform people if they don't hear it in the trailer tonight.
But most importantly to make sure that if the music is not featured in the trailer, the name Aleksandar Dimitrijevic isn't forgotten!! :tmb:


I'll just throw in my two cents and say that I'm particularly annoyed at CD: they now own Dimitrijevic's music whether they use it or not - this was the problem with every in-house composer of the TR series! Their music has been left to rot in the studio's soundbanks; never to see commercialisation for the public. :mad:

Lukass 02-06-11 11:19

Oh God, you.....

Cali 02-06-11 11:20

Well to be honest I wasn't totally in love with that music anyway
But, the new music might be really bad D:
Oh god NOOOO

NRO. 02-06-11 11:21

Can they legally do that?

James_Rutland 02-06-11 11:21

Well... Sort of good. I want the music in the trailer to be a surprise. :p
But bad on his part :( thats so unfair.

Emix 02-06-11 11:22

God i thought something is wrong! I mean...much worst!
It sucks they did that but im sure music will be epic anyway.

ajrich17901 02-06-11 11:22

Just when I thought the music was gonna be good as the AOD soundtrack....this blows!
If the music is as crappy as Legend-Underworld I swear...oi

Mai 02-06-11 11:22

I don't know what this means regarding us getting the trailer or not but...

:(:( I reaaaaaaaaaaaaally liked that bit of music!!

scremanie 02-06-11 11:23

This is slightly devastating.

Okay, it's a lot devastating. I was hoping that music would be used in-game. I had a feeling it wouldn't be used for the trailer, but the game.... this is shocking.

If they replace that "style" with something different, I will be very angry.

Lukass 02-06-11 11:23


Originally Posted by Emix (Post 5449712)
God i thought something is wrong! I mean...much worst!
It sucks they did that but im sure music will be epic anyway.

Exactly! ... I don't care to be honest. If there will not be that piece of music, there will be something else...it will be epic anyway I bet.

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