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ANoDE 08-03-20 07:48

Amazing! Everything looks so smooth. :tmb:

OrangeJuice 10-03-20 18:49

love the way the camera tilts slightly left and right as lara climbs!
this is looking so so good.

Jorje Croft 14-03-20 19:52

looks amazing, only reason I come to this forum right now. just perfect.
love that u keep original cinematic camera angles . its so iconic and gives so much atmosphere.

DarknessAngel_ 24-03-20 15:33

Okay, this is impressive.

ActuallyArlow 31-03-20 09:31

I still want to watch Aod cutscenes with these fancy upgrades :(

FreakRaider 31-03-20 11:59


Originally Posted by ActuallyArlow (Post 8181770)
I still want to watch Aod cutscenes with these fancy upgrades :(

might work on that next thanks for dropping the idea :D

ANoDE 31-03-20 18:12

Nice! I'm sure the result will be stunning.

Jorje Croft 02-04-20 09:00

#ItsCoronaTime more time for AOD project :cln:

FreakRaider 10-04-20 10:37

Just posted this on twitter



annacroft 10-04-20 11:20


Originally Posted by FreakRaider (Post 8185394)

You're amazing...there's just no words :cln:

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