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LaraCroft96 10-03-18 16:27

Source code been found?
Hi Guys,

I follow Realtech VR on twitter and they've mentioned in a tweet that they have got the source code for tomb raider 3 and they're just waiting for confirmation that they can port it onto IOS :jmp::jmp::jmp::jmp:

ANoDE 10-03-18 16:42

How recent is that post? I remember something similar being a April's fool joke.

TR1249 10-03-18 16:50


From last week

Alex Fly 10-03-18 17:00

Yes and we were discussing it here too: http://www.tombraiderforums.com/show...217643&page=30 (starting at post #298). :tmb:

Lwmte 11-03-18 10:24

Seems that source code was floating around for few weeks now, I was just away from community for some time, returned only recently and found that all the hell broke loose.

Then, tried to google for some news, and found THIS:


I don't want to give direct link to Github repository with source code for obvious reasons, but you can find it right in that post ;) It's all there. Whole source code for both TR2 and TR3.

So... Ladies and gentlemen... WE FINALLY HAVE TR2 AND TR3 SOURCE CODE IN PUBLIC ACCESS :jmp:

Caesum 11-03-18 10:44

Oh wow, does it mean we can finally get some proper treatment for TR3 engine, like better support on modern OS, DirectX 12 or OpenGL support and echo/footsteps effect on PC (and so much more)?

Btw, it's just a source code of PSX and PC version, no additional tools like roomedit or animedit, right?

Lwmte 11-03-18 10:51

I haven't looked into it thorougly yet, but seems yes... Unlike TR4/5 devkit leak, it's just plain source code without any extra resources or software. It seems that both PSX and PC versions are co-existing in same source code, switched using #ifdef PSX_VERSION statement.

Basically, yes... Since we now have whole source code, it's fully possible to overhaul TR3 engine, add PSX-specific features, port it to DX12/OpenGL/whatever, and also possibly upgrade it to be compatible with TR4/5 formats and further (since TR3 has almost the same floordata format as TR4-5).

charmedangelin 11-03-18 11:52

Oh my God, this is huge news. I am beyond thrilled and happy that I could cry. TR 3 is not lost in time after all. :jmp::cry:

nakamichi680 11-03-18 12:09

Whoah :yik::yik::yik:
I'm not interested in tr2/tr3 modding but I really hope that someone will make good use of it. Both games deserve to be properly remastered.
I hope we'll have AoD source code someday. :)

Caesum 11-03-18 14:04

My proposition is to make an online programming language course where one would learn how to code by trying to edit and compile TR2/3 source code.

( ͡ ͜ʖ ͡)

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