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Zac Medley 01-06-07 06:50

AOD Mod release thread
Due to several reasons, the links in this post and in the following few pages may be dead. Please read this post by SparedLife for a review of the current possibilities in AoD modding:


Originally Posted by SparedLife (Post 3498683)
Here are the TexMod instructions again

1. Download my DXT5 models and unzip into the CHAR folder
2. Copy your default TRAOD.EXE (any or all) to the TRAOD folder
3. Launch TexMod and load the EXE you copied into the TRAOD folder.

These are high resolution DXT5 models, they come complete with Body and Skin separate bump maps, Alpha channels full range transparencies (solid to invisible and everything in between), and variable gloss maps.
The tpf will work for others that download the DXT5 models, no more guessing or maybes. I've had another site test with 100% results.

Left hand side down the page a little:


If this is something you want to try let me know and I'll give you more help.


How is it possible to make Lara wear the sunglasses throughout the game? I really want that
There are 2 methods
1. Download the hacked EXE (TRAOD.EXE) and put in the TRAOD folder. The EXE is a V49 EXE and others have reported crashes with games of other versions. Also if you have V49 and the game crashes then you will have to UnCLZ your map files. No big deal just use Michiels UnCLZ.exe by placing it in the map folder and dropping the CLZ onto the UnCLZ.exe.

Method 2 much easier
2. I have several saved games using the glasses. These are barebones nothing but level skip to get them. Just unzip into the save game folder after backing up any you really want. Bottom of the page:


Zac Medley's Original Post:
Perhaps this is a stupid question, but where do we post mods for AOD? I see one thread which looks like a major game addon project, but no place to post custom skins - but hey, maybe I just made one.


Tomb Raider Angel of Darkness Modding

It is possible to use the TexMod utility on
Tomb Raider the Angel of Darkness
However, it's use is neither necessary nor recommended

Visit Tomb Raider Hub for download and tutorial.
SparedLife has done some testing and his initial findings are posted here.
There is also a thread for TexMod discussion.
You must have official patch 49 installed
you must copy the .exe files that are in the [...\TRAOD\bin] folder
then put the copies into the game main folder [C:\Program Files\...\TRAOD]
in TexMod select which ever of the 3 runs on your machine:
TROAD.exe, TROAD_P3.exe, or TRAOD_P4.exe.

But serious AOD modders should instead learn how to use the other tools and accessories that are avaliable:


SparedLife TexMod in TRAOD
SparedLife Texture wrapping on Lara.CHR
SparedLife Texture wrapping on LaraS
SparedLife Hex layout of LaraD.CHR

Tools by SparedLife

SLConverter-TRAOD- 1.02 a .chr file editing tool which will allow you to mod
ALL .chr files. This is the precursor to the SparedLife Skin Loader
SLConverter-TRAOD-Chapter tools is a set of tools to extract and reinsert textures for the scenery.
Paris1.GMX camera control patch
Camera fun tool
LaraD hack (literally) hack (tool)

Mod Download Links



Christmas in Prague video
Christmas Kurtis
LaraS Pink wet suit
LaraD Medical
Outfit Showcase Video

TexMod .tpf skins
Camo LaraD : GROK camp spam

TexMod .tpf skins
Pink AOD Camoflage : Pink AOD Shorts : Blue Lagoon

screenshots download
or here.

Kurtis topless

TexMod .tpf skins
Torquoise-Fuscia blend
As above fixed by SparedLife .CHR and .TPF
Shiny Rainbow LaraC1 fixed by SparedLife
Rainbow 2 LaraC1



AOD images Video

Links for .chr file downloads
Christmas 2007 outfits
LaraD NY
LaraD Blue and LaraD NY2
Jacket modded LaraD
LaraD Skins from game textures

TexMod .tpf skins
2004 skin 1 : 2004 skins 2 and 3 : 2004 skins 4 and 5 : 2004 skins 6-10
New tpf

LaraD camera views
Hall of Seasons
Another fun save collection
Set of front camera SaveGames
LaraD with sunglasses - 3 variants including front camera
Sunglasses savegames - level sets
VonCroy's SaveGames
Archaeological Dig SaveGames
Lost Domain SaveGames
Cutscene SaveGames

2048 x 2048 HiRes LaraD : 2048 x 2048 HiRes LaraS
Invisible Lara and Alpha-channel enabled .chr files
Lara.CHR with 1024 normal map and alpha-channel
Update of above
Kurtis.CHR with normal map and alpha-channel
LaraD HiRes DXT3 with Alpha-channel
LaraD HiRes DXT3 skin, map and weapons (no alpha)
LaraD in Paris with odd camera
LaraC2 alpha and LaraC2 shiny

Bull-legged : Crooked arms : Long neck : Long legged
Chest : Chest Test : Chesty

Giraffe Lara : Purple Finger Alien
Long Arms : Longer Arms : Stretch Waist : No Neck
Swivel : Long Feet : Split : Halloween
3 Scary LaraDs
LaraD in a mess
Non-player LaraD with sunglasses
Non-player LaraS with sunglasses - 3 variants

AOD Lara Upgrade

TexMod .tpf skin
LaraD Early AOD-Jeans

Zelda Master
Green-eyed red-head with blue t-shirt : Old AOD Model : Christmas Lara

Don't forget to visit Spared-Life.com

:tmb: Got mod?

Rivendell 01-06-07 08:32

Post it here, as far as I know - mods for TR6 are extremely rare at best!

Tomb-Raider 02-06-07 02:55

Can someone make a legend outfit or the classic one??

AOD lara seems to fat for that...

Angel_14 02-06-07 08:38

Too fat? Just because she doesn't have the waist of a teenager like in Legend or Anniversary? lol

NightWish 02-06-07 09:16

please no one make the legend outfit! :(

But I agree abiut the classic outfit - amd no Lara isnt fat

larson n natla 02-06-07 10:07

no laras not fat :) but shes slightly larger than TRL and TRA i have no promblem with her weigh as long as she can move around

Angel_14 02-06-07 10:11


Originally Posted by Zac Medley (Post 1861986)
Here's something simple for starters...


Holly hell! Look at those huge.... 'numbers' on her shirt!!! :whi:

AODdigger 02-06-07 10:26


Alex Fly 02-06-07 10:29

Looks very nice ! :tmb:

AODdigger 02-06-07 10:37

VERY nice :D

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