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deviloten 07-11-21 16:57

Modding TR1(96) Steam/GOG with Automated Fix
Hi! Not really new, but a lurker of Tomb Raider Forums. Not much of a talker, sorry!
Recently I'm trying to mod Lara's texture and make some clothings of my own. For now I'm not dealing with meshes, just texture.
But, I've tried many methods of Modding Steam/GOG version of TR1(96)with no luck. A few of my tries:

1) The files are in .phd for the levels. I used the WAD tool to open and export the mesh as an .obj. After that I used Blender for UV Mapping and Krita for texture editing. From Blender I exported it as .dae, which can be imported to the WAD tools. But I just don't know how to save it back inside the .phd.

2)My second try was using TRViewer to export just the .tga and alter it. But when trying to put it back, it gives me an error of not being in format to do so. Even if I just extract the .tga and try to place it back again, it gives me this error. Maybes it's because of the Automated Fix?

If anyone can help me, I would appreciate. Specially through the first method as I can alter the UV Mapping.

Thanks in advance :)

mizuno_suisei 07-11-21 23:26

Oof! So very close!!

Wadtool is for precompiled resource wads for use in the builder tool during level creation itself! :tmb: you cant inject this back as it's a full made level file and not a WIP project.

What you need is POST level editing tools ;D

You are on the right track with trviewer. This can be used to open TR1 PHD level files and import export both tga textures and actual 3ds objects etc.. quite useful for quick porting meshes between TR12345 level files.

PixStr22 is the tool you want to open the PHD FILE itself (and any post built TR12345 level files honestly!), change texture tiles at your will on objects etc and save it as is!

Most available TR1 mods out there are a simple combination of trviewer and pixstr22 editing. Take Xevengars tr1 mods. A clear mix of those two tools plus some mesh editing in Metasequioa (optional).
Very fun once you get the hang of it!

TombEditor and its supplied wadtool are for - building levels from scratch. You want to start way later in the process, editing fully made levels already

One last thing - your methodry of playing TR1 and or customs (via gog or steam) shouldn't matter at all here!
All you're doing is editing files in the DATA folder which is not changed with modern fixes and updates.
Aslong as whatever method you use fetches from the local data folder and not from an original TR1 cd, breezy modding life!

deviloten 09-11-21 01:20

Thanks a lot for your time and going through everything for me, mizuno_suisei :) Your answer was really well detailed and informative.

Thanks for explaining me about WAD. Surely it will be helpful in the future. Who knows, maybe I'll try doing some levels. Always loved the idea.:D

Okay, about the texture editing, if you or anyone else may help me further, I bumped into a problem. I manage to import the texture of some parts using PixStr. But there are these "colored parts" that I couldn't do anything about it.
Couldn't aplly any texture for them. Do I have to export to .dxf to do that?

(Don't know how to add an image! Sorry. Don't know if imbb is banned.)

I'm talking about the red parts.

The TRviewer still gives me the same error.

mizuno_suisei 09-11-21 01:25

Aha! This is a known thing. Something to do with the fact that in TR1 blank skin colour is a single colour value for example. - these will show in editing tools as a red tile but it's not actually how it will present ingame. Same may happen to other objects that may use a strict one colour texture (eg a pure black). I can imagine the inventory headphones object with the red squares as I type :vlol: while that explains what you see...and it's actually non problematic....

What I DONT sadly know is how to turn these tiles *on* as retexturable ones. From my memory clicking on them does nothing in pixstr..and tr2345 outfits dont have this problem. Someone may have to chime in here

Or faster yet - I'd Google search wildcard

Site:tombraiderforums.com red square tile pixstr trviewer

You'll surely find historical posts on the exact topic and perhaps even a workaround :tmb:

deviloten 09-11-21 08:56

Thanks a lot, once again.:) You've been very helpful. I'll try diggin' around and see if I can find some post about it. With luck, if I find and it works I'll post about it here. And if I can't find, I'll do what I can and see if I'll be able to figure something out.
Thanks a lot!

deviloten 11-11-21 13:09

Well, I managed to inject my textures and everything. Even managed to change part of the "red colored tiles". But, When editing level 2, I did everything again for each of Lara's texture (as I realized they're a different from level 1), injecting the textures with TRViewer only made the bubbles animation stop working. Suddenly the texture that came was not bubbles but blood!:confused::hea:

mizuno_suisei 17-11-21 06:40

With modding tr levels with these tools comes some risks as they're all very caringly fan made! But a long time ago now with little updates. Blood appearing as bubbles and other Sprite errors are a sign that perhaps you've edited a little too much in the level or, saved it a few times already via trviewer etc...there may be a more thorough explanation but that's how I've always interpreted it as I could never fix it :vlol: unless you start again! I keep a backup copy of my TR games Data folders so instead of numerously modding a specific file over and over, starting on a fresh unedited one each time reduces the likelihood of something breaking eek!

There is an option in trviewer from memory that allows you to keep unused textures when saving - trial and error with yes and no with this option if you come across sprite issues and other texture stuff.

deviloten 23-11-21 00:25

I've imagined it would be troublesome. Game making, itself, is an art of patience. Modding is just adding another layer to a very complex cake. Will continue my arduous process of trial and error. Must say I would've never thought it was, maybe, a problem with saving too much within trviewer!
Well, in the end, the urge of playing TR1 got the better of me. So for now no mods. Maybe on another play-through I'll be ready to be with my own Lara's skin mod. I'm still working on it when I can :D Thanks for all of your tips!
mizuno-suisei, you said TR2-TR5 are easier to mod. How much easier are they?

mizuno_suisei 23-11-21 23:41

You're more than welcome! :) spent so many years just toying with these classic level files with these tools for fun! Figuring out what does what! So definately enjoy what other mods have been made for now absolutely! And you can always try it yourself again hehehe.

I would indeed say TR2-5 are easier to mod because of that red texture issue not occurring for one and maybe some other factors.

Some other good luck here is
Tr2 and tr3 levels fetch their internal sfx via another file in the data folder called main.sfx, you're unlikely to get sfx bugs unlike TR1 or tr4 level modding (these have their sfx WITHIN each level file).

For tinkering I'd suggest playing with TR2 and tr3 first due to the smoothness and likelihood of success :pi:

Modding TR4 levels (post built from the original game) is considered somewhat redundant due to animation and sound glitches that arise, and TR5 levels dont work at all in trviewer ;( so for a beginner I'd definately try the ropes on TR2 or tr3 level changes first

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