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dcw123 25-11-21 15:31

Help using Tomb Raider Image Converter
After trying several times with command prompt, I can't get this to convert anything. I'll be honest, I'm a total noob to coding and things like this.
I'm trying to convert some TR2.pcx to bmp

typed cd and input the filename path for the Windows64 Tric.exe
Seems to work OK - but not I think this is where I am making a mistake?

Tried inputting, for example, tric tr2pc mine1b.pcx mine1b.bmp
Nothing seems to happen..

C:\Users\******\Tomb_Raider_Image_Converter\Tomb Raider Image Converter\Binaries\Windows\win64>tric tr2pc mine1b.pcx mine1b.bmp
tric: input file could not be opened

Is this down to something I have mistyped - or is it the file itself which refuses to open for some reason?
Didn't really want to make an entirely new thread on this - but I thought it could be helpful for anyone else planning on using this.

jvry 25-11-21 19:47

Did you try
tric tr2pc MINE1B.PCX mine1b.bmp?

mizuno_suisei 26-11-21 00:23

TRIC is really really good once you get the command switches right!

I will suggest though possibly a more unknown tool
Tomb Raider Custom Screens if you cant get TRIC to do what you want if TRIC doesnt.
A very very basic gui - it definately handles TR4 tr5 pak images etc but I'm also somewhat confident it worked on PCX files too


b122251 26-11-21 08:16

Hi, I wrote tric, and I'd be happy to give any help I can. This error occurs when the input file (in your case mine1b.pcx) doesn't exist, or you don't have permission to read from it. Since you're on windows the latter won't really happen, so I'm guessing the file doesn't exist. There are a few possible reasons for this. If there are any spaces in the filename for example, the whole name must be put in quote marks or the system will interpret the two parts as two separate parameters. A useful trick for situations such as this one is the tab-key. If you are in the correct folder, on windows you can just type tric tr2pc and hit the tab key repeatedly until the right file shows up. Hope this helps. If now, please share a screenshot of the files in the folder, and the output from the cmd.

jvry 26-11-21 10:59


Originally Posted by b122251 (Post 8332760)
Hi, I wrote tric, and I'd be happy to give any help I can.

Unrelated to the guy's question, but thank you for supplying linux and mac binaries for your programs.

Joey79100 27-11-21 09:12

I don't know this particular program, but considering the way it's used, with what you typed it will search the source image file in the same folder as tric.

Is your .PCX file really in the same folder or somewhere else?

If somewhere else, try moving it and run the command again.

That, or you can Shift+Right click on your source file, click "Copy path" (or similar, i don't know what's the exact name in English), then paste it in place of your source image name in the command.
For example it will look like this:
tric tr2pc "C:\Path to\your\source\file.pcx" target.bmp

^ this will still output in the tric folder though, but if you want to output it somewhere else you can use the same trick and just replacethe "pcx" extension with "bmp".

This os generally true for every path in command line programs.

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