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Pelagius 29-11-21 18:59

Where can I download models/animations for TR1?
I'm sorry if resources for this have already been linked somewhere, but like the title says- how would I go about downloading the models & animations used for TR1 or other early titles in the series? The animations in particular are something I'd like to examine.

Kidd Bowyer 29-11-21 21:30

Not sure if this is exactly what you're looking for, but hopefully it'll be a good start.

mizuno_suisei 29-11-21 22:32

You could - try this Avenue yourself by installing either Wadmerger (standalone) or WadTool for Tomb Editor

Both of these can open classic TR level files! And you can look at all objects and animations at will! I'd consider this a great way to look at the surface.

Kidd Bowyer 29-11-21 23:22

@mizuno_suisei, this is a bit off topic, but do we have tools that could do with TR1 what the Remastered mod is trying to do with TR3?

I'd love to see about adding more varied textures and geometry, etc.

Pelagius 30-11-21 03:14

Cheers. I appreciate the pointers.

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