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airrr13 04-12-13 17:12

R.i.p. :(

SrDanielPonces 05-12-13 17:42

I saw this thread a long time ago, but I didn't comment..
So, R.I.P Our Bug Scientist :/

Raider969 22-01-14 21:11

I'm very sorry that I'm late. I didn't know about this until now. I just can't believe he's gone. He's was the one of the best. He was one of the people who inspired me to make my Tomb Raider walkthroughs. R.I.P Richard, Thank you for liking my Tomb Raider walkthroughs. If it wasn't for you and the others, I wouldn't have done my walkthroughs. I'll miss you, and I'm glad I met you. :(

Patrick Shannon 27-01-14 19:16

Thanks for the kind words about rr_carroll, Raider969. He meant so much, to so many of us. These forums still seem strangely empty without him. :o

Johnnay 12-02-14 10:29

So yeah it's been over 6 months since his passing

I miss him:(

Spong 12-02-14 11:00


Originally Posted by Johnnay (Post 6998864)
I miss him:(

I still feel guilty about removing the RIP message I had in my sig at the start of the year. His contribution is missed. Not to lessen in any way what other people here do, but whenever a thread appears in the Core boards about a bug or using a glitch, they always feel oddly lacking without rr's input.

Ermagherd589 30-05-14 21:57

He made TRF what it is today...
Sincere condolences from all of Tomb Raider Forums to you, Devon Carroll.
R.I.P rr_carroll

Athukraz 08-06-14 17:06

My sincere condolences.
Rest In Peace. :(

Patrick Shannon 19-07-14 22:16

Oh my gosh--- I was going to make a commemorative post on the one-year anniversary of rr's passing, and it slipped past me! :facepalm:

All the same, here's to you, rr_carroll. May you look down kindly upon us from your corner bug perch, high up in heaven. We miss you, Richard! :hug:


Megalith 25-07-14 15:48

I still can't believe that he passed away.It seems like yesterday when he was posting here.
In my opinion he was one of the biggest fans of the classic TR games on this planet (if not the biggest) purely based on how well he knew everything about them inside and out.I wonder if the guys from Core Design knew about him...i think he would have loved to ask them some bug-related questions.:)
I wish i knew him a bit better as well.

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