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LuckyEdge10 19-03-21 17:40

I never directly interacted with him, but he seemed like a very nice person, and I saw a lot of his videos...they were a lot of fun.

May he rest in peace.

MarlenaCrystal 19-03-21 17:41

Rest in peace, The Great Chi. <3

The video made me cry, he was one of the most iconic members since the beginning and his videos always had a place in my heart. He will be missed, always! :(

perryloo 19-03-21 17:41

He seemed to be well liked on the forum, and he was well into modding.
I have downloaded his videos on that Youtube video as it says its only temporary for a week, Many of them I have never seen before. I am glad he has left us them, especially that BaconLara6 video. So funny.

I only recently discovered his Christmas video 2020, a lot of work had been put into it, and it was really fun. Von Croys Teddy bear.... https://www.tombraiderforums.com/sho...d.php?t=225418

I see he left us a secret mysterious message, I will have to search through his past threads, to find this message, unless someone beats me to it.
This is like a secret easter egg that you get in Tomb raider games. Maybe The Great Chi wanted it to be like that.

RIP The Great Chi :(

JsotoTRSaga 19-03-21 17:43

This is incredibly sad, I can't believe it. RIP Great Chi :(

Quebsenuef 19-03-21 17:44

I actually gasped and yelled “no”

Wow.. this is so upsetting :(
I remember him from when I first joined and he has never changed. He was always funny, enjoyable, easy to talk to, and had the best sense of humor. I loved all his jokes, always made me smile and laugh a bit, very much a celebrity around this forum IMO.

Oh man, this is so sad. Actually tearing up right now.

Rest In Peace , Great Chi!! Thank you for all your work here and especially for your humor.

Woops 19-03-21 17:54

Rest in peace Chi.
His passion for Tomb Raider and modding it has always inspired me to research Tomb Raider more and more. He may not be with us but his legacy will never leave us. :(

Richard_trle 19-03-21 18:02

Oh god, I can't believe it

Chi used to be active at Lara's Home, he used to be so fun, always making fun posts, his comedic tone and his personality always stood up the most.

We became friends, we used to chat through MSN, I used to laugh a lot with him, because he would make satires of the community.

I didn't even had the chance to talk with him again, I have been so busy making my map. I did checkout his christmas gift video, it was fun.

You'll surely be missed Chi, but you are going to stay forever with us, I hope your passing to the Great Beyond was the best possible and you are enjoying your trip so far. Rest In Peace my friend, I'm sorry for moving away, but in the end it didn't hurt, you were surrounded by friends.

Mikky 19-03-21 18:03

Oh no, that's terrible. It's always said to lose a fan but one as prolific as him... :o I hope he rests in peace

mudkip25 19-03-21 18:06

Logged back in to pay my condolences.

I'm not on TRF much anymore, used to be in TRLE community back in the day, but I remember seeing Chi's videos pop here and there and they always gave me a good laugh.

Even after moving on from TRF, I still stayed subscribed to him on Youtube and loved how utterly ridiculous and fun his videos were.

Rest in peace, the Great Chi. We all will miss you dearly! :grouphug:

Kyle K. 19-03-21 18:13

I left a message for him on his Profile Page...

Chi, you have been an excellent mentor and friend. I'm glad I've had the privilege of getting to know you over these past 10 years, and I'm sorry for not keeping much in contact with you over the past couple of them... Your work and contributions to the modding community (and just the TR community overall) are immense and you have inspired many (including myself) to become modders and to start TR YouTube channels! It is hard to believe that you are no longer with us, and many of us, including myself, will miss you greatly!! I hope you have been able to find peace beyond those Floating Islands... Rest easy, Chi!
It's honestly hard to hold back tears right now. He is irreplaceable in the TR Community, and his modding work will live on for as long as the Tomb Raider fandom lives! He was a super kind and generous person! I remember on multiple occasions where he would go out of his way to help me on Tomb Raider modding questions, and would even go as far as to create assets for me for levels that I was working on. He would usually also reupload videos that he had deleted on YouTube if I requested it (and as long as he still had them.) I also remember just how super-welcoming he was when I finally joined the forums in 2014, and helped me get used to how this forum worked. I hope he was able to find peace beyond those Floating Islands. He very much deserves to find it!

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