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tlr online 04-05-20 14:01

Thank you to all those posting tutorials
Rather than spam your individual threads please accept my thanks and gratitude to all those posting tutorials in this section. No doubt they will help many players.

mizuno_suisei 05-05-20 01:21

I MUST interject and say the Tutorials section of this forum is better than any other website out there. (No offense to them) I am constantly referring back to this subforum when I mod things - I couldn't do what I do without it. Big thankyou to Titak and the many other common names of thread makers in this area.

SrDanielPonces 05-05-20 01:28

tbh while it's not the case of all, many tutorials from here were taken from skribblers after it was shut down :)

mizuno_suisei 05-05-20 03:10

^You forget that many tutorials from skribblers were wrtten pre 2010s - many based on using either the original TRLE or a TREP modified one which have become very redundant considering how much NGLE has expanded much easier scripting possibilities to make things happen. I've just opened a few random posts of these - and they mention they were originally from skribblers/modified from skribblers so, I'm not sure why you felt the need to mention it when credit is already given lol.

SrDanielPonces 05-05-20 03:24

when did I say credit was not given? hmm
I mentioned simply because I wanted to, I don't understand what is your need to say my post was irrelevant. It was just a mere curiosity. Rude.

Danath 05-05-20 20:41

Even if it's tutorials for obsolete editors? :p

It's a pleasure to share the knowledge so other builders can make good levels with it. :)

Richard_trle 17-12-20 23:17

Thanks everyone for sharing your wonderful thoughts!

By the way, there was a tutorial or a list of all samples present in TR4 and their respective sound files, but I cannot find it anymore

HarleyCroft 18-12-20 01:38

I've never been savvy enough to try creating levels.. but the TRLE fandom is fascinatingly beautiful and creates so much fresh yet nostalgic content.

Thank you to all who take classic Lara on new adventures :hug:

(And upload tutorials)

PedroTheGamer 19-12-20 15:07

building a level is not easy, mastering the editorís practices takes a long time;). I touch the editor in first time at 2010. So my first touch was the classic editor and afterwards NGLE, despite my mistakes, I can still create things of very good quality.

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