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Chamayoo 08-05-19 11:25

What "dead" or "sleepy" franchises would you want to return ?
A new E3 is near and this is time for wild dreams. What franchise you love back then would you want to come back ?

Legacy of Kain
Last one : Legacy of Kain Defiance, 2003.

A new episode or a remake of Soul Reaver. Sorry for those who wants Crystal Dynamics to keep Tomb Raider after Avengers, but I would want them to revive their long lost franchise first. :mis:

Prince of Persia
Last one : Prince of Persia Forgotten Sands, 2010.

A new big AAA game to makes a bang, this franchise was big back at the time. Now that Assassin's Creed still there but slow down, I wonder...

3D Rayman
Last one : Rayman Hoodlum Havoc, 2003.

So... Rayman 4 ! Michel Ancel hinted a possibility in his Instagram account 3 years ago. I don't know the state of his game Wild, but all the hardwork is focused on Beyond Good or Evil 2 for the moment. Not a bad thing, this is another franchise who needs to come back from years.
I'm not against another 2D game though.

Silent Hill
Last one : Silent Hill Downpour, 2012.

The lost of Silent Hills (5) still hurts haha. I wonder if Konami is still interested to continue its franchise.

What about you ? :)

Yuna´s Wish 08-05-19 11:39

Silent Hill and Shadow Hearts (oh, how I miss Shadow Hearts and its ring system), mainly.

Both are unlikely, but Shadow Hearts is much harder to resurrect.

Ellioft 08-05-19 12:28

Sly Cooper (even if the animated serie is scheduled for October)

It's been since Sly Cooper Thieves in times we haven't heard of the racoon...

Jet Set Radio : Imagine a beautiful open word in celshading with colorfull caracters tagging the walls of a town with experimental cool music.

Mirror's Edge : Please Dice, it's been a while since the reboot Catalyst, Faith have some potential but the world should stay linear and not open.

Dead Space : Thank you EA for screwing this franchise, what would I give for a new episode usine the concept they planned before (basically a Mass Effect multi world).

Space Channel 5 : Just bring Uh lala back in buisness those games are a lot of fun.

Alone in the Dark : Where is Edward Carnby ? With the new possibilities offer by modern plateforms they could try to revive this beloved franchise and offer a solid alternative to Silent Hill and Résident Evil with a lire Lovecraftian approach.

Prince of Persia : Another hero another mindless crime behind the computers of Ubisoft : The return of the plateforms/the traps and everything who makes POP a real pressure to play must be experienced on PS5.

Chamayoo 08-05-19 12:44

Should play the Alone in the Dark series. Last one in 2008, it's a long time indeed.
Maybe it's too soon to judge if Mirror's Edge is dead, Catalyst is only 3 years ago. :0 Though it seems the game has been heavily overlooked.

Quebsenuef 08-05-19 14:11

Silent Hill - It most likely will never see another installment but I wish Silent Hills was never cancelled. It was the sole reason I got a PS4 in the first place haha
Stupid Konami.

Dead Space - EA slaughtered this franchise. The first one was so good and the second you could tell got worse. It still wasn’t bad but it wasn’t as great as the first. Third one was a complete departure from the rest of the franchise. Thanks EA.

Classic TR - No hand holding, no talking Lara, no on screen help, no sound effects telling me things, no color changing environments so I can figure out what to do, no slow motion traps. I want a ruthless TR platformer again.

HarleyCroft 08-05-19 14:16

WET- really fun gameplay + kickass music but I'm guessing it was a bit niche for the mainstream. Didn't help that the game was so unpolished the paint was chipping

Destroy All Humans! - burned out way too quickly. The first two PS2 games were a ridiculous amount of fun but were followed by two unfinished, rushed next-gen games that killed it

Linoshi Croft 08-05-19 14:24

My top ten.
  1. Prince of Persia.
  2. Prince of Persia.
  3. Prince of Persia.
  4. Prince of Persia.
  5. Prince of Persia.
  6. Prince of Persia.
  7. Prince of Persia.
  8. Prince of Persia.
  9. Prince of Persia.
  10. Prince of Persia.


Originally Posted by Quebsenuef (Post 8086066)
Classic TR - No hand holding, no talking Lara, no on screen help, no sound effects telling me things, no color changing environments so I can figure out what to do, no slow motion traps. I want a ruthless TR platformer again.

This sounds wonderful. I'm quite surprised no indie developer has came along and created a classic Tomb Raider like experience.

biscuits 08-05-19 14:37


Alex Fly 08-05-19 14:41

Saints Row and Prince of Persia! :jmp:

CroftManiac05 08-05-19 14:42

Prince of Persia
Metal Gear Solid
Half Life

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