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LoreRaider 08-02-20 13:06

^ you could merge the rooms and use a waterfall objects rather than faces between portals, it would look even better :)

rufierto 08-02-20 15:09

I experimented with that, but that fix would not work in all instances in my level in question, for 1 area is 9 connected water rooms. I did find that glow works well enough for reflections in the area. Here is a picture of the area using glow and in a more finished form.


Lwmte 08-02-20 15:41

Actually there's another workaround you can try to use to overcome reflection problem - try to texture your lower water room with double-sided water textures, not the upper room (unless you're using two overlay textures for your water, like Caesum does). Then reflection flag won't be applied to water faces above and you won't see desynced effect.

rufierto 08-02-20 16:58

Oh really, I will try that today. Thank you:jmp:

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