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AgentXP 01-11-19 17:00

Create a Classic 2019 – VOTING THREAD
Create a Classic 2019 – VOTING THREAD

CaC 2019 Scoreboard

So its New Year’s Day 2020, and the results are:

1st Place - Hostile Waters - 109 points
2nd Place – Puna’s Revenge – 104 points
3rd Place – Vacation of the Tomb Raider – 74 points

4th Place – Legacy of the Scion – 53 points
5th Place – Sleeping with the Fishes – 37 points

Honorary Mentions also go to:
Lost in the Amazon with 36 points
& The Russian Base with 30 points

I believe DJ_Full is working on some rewards for the participants, he will contact the relevant people once they are ready! :D

Finally, well done to all the builders who participated, thank you for going to a lot of effort to provide the community with a fantastic and diverse set of levels!
Happy New Year Everyone!
For those who are interested, here is the spreadsheet I used to calculate the final scores: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Pz...bCdosU6QfCEV2a

Once you have played the levels, please vote on your top five favourites as follows:

1st Place – 5 points
2nd Place – 4 points
3rd Place – 3 point

4th Place – 2 points
5th Place – 1 point

At the end of the voting period all the points allocated will be added to determine 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners.

trle.net download links now added!


Temporary Alternative Download Link: https://dl.tombraiderchronicles.com/trle/
  1. Abandoned Cathedral, Osvaldo
  2. Catacumbas Extrañas, Scourge05
  3. Chronicles Memories - All Roads Lead To Rome, LOTRKingluis
  4. Green Adventure, Croftyboy
  5. Hostile Waters, SrDanielPonces
  6. In the Highlands, piano_raider (grinder1)
  7. Legacy of the Scion, Baslakor
  8. Lost Library, dcw123
  9. Puna’s Revenge, LoreRaider
  10. Rome Streets Mystery, CheshireBitch (911)
  11. Sleeping with the Fishes, Tombraiderxii
  12. The Harp of Dagda, Dishmush (Constantine)
  13. The Pyramid of Horus, Sabatu
  14. The Russian Base, Dinne
  15. Tomb of Thoth, Sampiza (Dreamfall)
  16. Tomb Raider Monastery of Talion, Phryne Croft
  17. TR3 Lost in the Amazon, Reggie
  18. Vacation of the Tomb Raider, AgentXP

SrDanielPonces 01-11-19 17:21

Looking forward to try out all the levels!

PhryneCroft 01-11-19 17:27

Excellent! :jmp:
I hope the people like it and vote diligently! :):D

Teone 01-11-19 18:20

I find out right now that Sampiza and Dreamfall are the same person. :pi:
Good to know! I thought he was a debutante instead he's an author that i like.

Only 18 levels??? :(
I hoped this CaC could beat the record of 25 contestants owned by BtB2015, but never mind. :p

Good luck everybody! ;)

sampiza 01-11-19 19:45

Can't wait! :jmp:

Originally Posted by Teone (Post 8145941)
I find out right now that Sampiza and Dreamfall are the same person. :pi:
Good to know! I thought he was a debutante instead he's an author that i like

Thx :), I can't change my nickname here in the forum so...

dcw123 01-11-19 20:03

Can't wait to play everyone elses levels

I'm also sending my level to the Tomb Editor devs to fix something I discovered with the lighting..
Hoping it helps them fix stuff :)

Tomb Raidering 01-11-19 21:01

I’m actually new to this competition, so I would like to know: do we need to play all of the levels for voting? ^.^

Looking forward to this... :D

Raider99 01-11-19 21:11

^ It would be only fair to play them all and vote based on the whole experience imo.

dinne 01-11-19 21:35

Yeah, I think that 2 important rules should be:
- As builder, you cannot vote your own level (but I hope that's already obvious)
- To vote, you must play all the levels for at least 1-2h each, otherwise the vote would not be consistent... And in 2 months there is time to play them all.

TOMBR6 02-11-19 17:14

until Michael haven't load the levels, can we organize a competition of forecasters?:D
just no strength to wait until monday morning

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