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Acacea 09-01-17 03:07

[Petition to Square Enix] Tomb Raider Collection for Xbox One, PS4, and PC
So, this has not been made yet, but here's a petition.

Let's all take our part to get Square Enix to release a Tomb Raider Definitive Collection. (A collection of the first six Tomb Raider games)

The game should be released for PC, Wii U (maybe), PS4, and Xbox One. This new game should be the first six Tomb Raider titles bundled in one disc, keeping the same engine and game but adding new features to each TR title.

- HD environment

- Higher definition sound effects, high quality FMVs

- How about HQ music?

Overall, all games should keep the classic controls and engine to make us fans happy and remember the old titles on the PSX and PC. Since in my opinion they're ruining the franchise with the newer titles, Square Enix should release this as it would be astonishing. It would be epic to play the classics on my PS4!

If you think re-releasing these games would be good, then let's take action to make sure this idea becomes a reality.

NoahCrofRaider 09-01-17 03:10

Heck, yeah, let it happen! :D

Acacea 09-01-17 03:13

I got 100$ I was gonna use to replace my old laptop's dead hard drive, but if this becomes reality, I'll pre-order. ;)

domino92 09-01-17 03:16

I doubt it'd happen, but I'd give this a buy. Those games are classics.

Acacea 09-01-17 03:18

Never hurts to try.

larafan25 09-01-17 03:24

I think I would prefer one really extensive remastering of TR2 or TR3 than all six games with some "fresh paint".

Give us something awesomely accurate, a true FMV-style & in-game-style re-creation of those beautiful games, with their beautiful systems and beautiful animations. The only part that hasn't kept up are the graphics.

laracroftswest 09-01-17 03:30

^ agreed with larafan25

I think at the end of the day a remaster of one or two games would hold up better with most rather than a collection that many would find hard to play other than those who appreciated the classics upon release. I'm all for SE paying attention to these ideas though, and would be willing to fork over some serious $$ for it!

Lara's home 09-01-17 03:32

I can't speak for PS4, but the Xbox One controller is not designed for D-pad movement. It would never work on the Xbox One without revamping the controls.

ThatSassyKid 09-01-17 04:20

y'all beggin for a 2-3 remaster but I'm still waiting for a Chronicles remake TBH

Quebsenuef 09-01-17 06:15

If we're talking about a remake like Anni then I'm out. :p
I don't even think I want a remaster. Remaster as in like the new Crash Bandicoot trilogy? :ponder: I'd still say no.

Just update the textures and fix some minor bugs here and there, like save game bugs and whatnot... rerelease them as a bundle for the present gen systems and call it a day. Easy way to make some dough. They don't even have to touch AOD if they didn't want to for me. I'd like AOD for PS4 but I won't hold my breath. Just do 1-5 and I'd be leaping off a bridge for that collection. I'd leap off a mountain if it also contained AOD

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