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meta2tr 06-04-13 17:10

Version v7d available :)

Full download with demo levels (includes blend modes demo)
Minimum download

What's new:
- Increased the total number of tiles that can be imported or exported to 2000.
- Added a feature to detect a corrupt wad and display a warning message.
- Fixed a bug where a problem in a trigger caused a wrong message to be displayed (that the level had been created using unofficial tools). First found here and here. The position of the bad trigger is now shown so it can be removed.
- Improved the code that reads the uv points in the mqo file.
- Fixed a bug where a visual room face that was textured with floor_tile.bmp would be imported when it shouldn't be. These faces are now removed.
- Fixed a bug in an error message which displayed the wrong tile number.
- 3d lines created in Metasequoia in rooms are now automatically removed since they cannot be imported.

Thanks to Psiko, Titak, raiderromero and sharalex for helping me find these bugs and testing new features. :tmb:

Titak 06-04-13 17:20

Downloading. :D

raiderromero 07-04-13 06:16

:jmp:omg cant wait to see

edit: did you only added an animated texture to create the liquid in the pushable? becasue the faces of th surface seem to move independently..

meta2tr 07-04-13 11:16

^Yes. There are no faces for the top surface of the liquid. It is an illusion.

HeinzFritz 11-04-13 20:56

@meta2tr, first off all, thanks a lot for updating your miraculous tool.
I have a question regarding blending modes: Beside the new blends that can be edited or applied in meta2tr, there are two more (maybe, not so useful as the other) which you can add to a texture with Turbo's Trtexture tool. They have the Trtexture index numbers 3 and 4.
Both are similar, as they are opaque except for shiny textures behind them that shimmer through. But the texture with index number 4 has a weird effect, especially when the tile is magenta with a text over it. When Lara stands in front of this texture, it shows as being in front of her, regardless of the distance it is in fact behind her. I made some experiments and it seems that it can be used in various manners.
Is it possible to include this possibility into the next version of meta2tr? So that it could take the unused place in meta UV editor one square above the location for the "wireframe" opacity?

meta2tr 12-04-13 10:45


BTW if you have some interesting screenshots on these effects I'd be interested to see them.

HeinzFritz 12-04-13 12:43

@meta2tr, here are the screenshots: To keep it as simple as possible I created a portal between two rooms with toggle opacity 2 consisting of 3 textures. the checkered texture and the magenta texture with the blue letters have Trtexture opacity index 3. Note that the checkered texture shows only the two round shiny objects behind them, but only the shine, not the color.
The texture with red letters has Trtexture opacity index 4. You will see how they jump in front of Lara when she is standing in front of them.

meta2tr 12-04-13 17:50

^Thanks :)

meta2tr 26-04-13 21:33

Version v7e available :)

Full download with demo levels
Minimum download

What's new:
- Added two new blend modes (attributes 3 and 4) that are similar to the magenta=transparent mode except the shine can be seen through opaque faces, and opaque faces jump in front of Lara. Note: attribute 3 only works with TREP, not with FLEP.
- Fixed a bug that caused a warning to be displayed relating to the destination room of a portal.
- Improved code that reads the uv points in the mqo file.

Happy editing :)

HeinzFritz 26-04-13 22:01

Thanks for this update!!!!!!!!
Can't wait till the download is finished to give it a try!

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