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meta2tr 02-09-14 11:08


Originally Posted by Titak (Post 7166730)
Yes, odd isn't it. :ponder:
I changed it, having Meta2TR unpack the level again without those objects merged and used the edited RoomAll.mqo nd removed the already merged fog objects from it. Same result.

In another room with another type of fog object, the pinkish hue does not appear.

Well, I'll just merge the objects again and use vertex colouring on them if needed.
No big deal really. :D

OK, anyway if it does become a problem let me know.

HeinzFritz 02-09-14 11:36


Originally Posted by Titak (Post 7166730)
In another room with another type of fog object, the pinkish hue does not appear.

Titak, have you tried to swap the fog objects from room A to room B and viceversa, to see what happens.
Maybe the fog object itself is the troublemaker...

Titak 02-09-14 12:27

Haven't tried that yet.
I'm suspexting it is a combo of that particular object and the lighting that occurs once the level has gone through Meta2TR.


Originally Posted by meta2tr (Post 7166781)
OK, anyway if it does become a problem let me know.

Thanks. :D

Gosh... I can't believe I struggled with UV-mapping for so long.
Each time I tried I was completely lost somehow, even when following the tutorials. :facepalm:
I gave it another try a week ago or so and it was sooo easy to do!
No idea where my brain was the previous times I tried it. It must have been on a holiday far away or something. :vlol:

meta2tr 21-09-14 20:00



- Improved the way unlit room vertices are lit when importing a RoomNNN file with no lighting into the level.
- Improved tolerance to small uv errors when importing objects into the level.


- Update so that floor2prj will import collision into V50 projects with 128x128 textures

Happy editing :)

raiderromero 21-09-14 23:12

you know i love meta2tr updates right?:jmp:

HeinzFritz 22-09-14 12:48

Thanks for the update!

-Roli- 29-09-14 15:00

Hey guys! The following question might sounds stupid, but I have to ask :vlol: :

We can't use bigger tiles than 256x256? I'm asking it because of 1 tiles includes 4 128x128 textures. What if we could resize the tile to 512x512 and simply replace the 128x128 textures to 256x256 textures? Most likely it would be impossible, but oh well, I have to be sure. :vlol:

meta2tr 05-10-14 12:27

Hi Roli, the 256x256 size is a game engine limit. I don't know any way to get around this, sorry. I always base my NGLE texture set directly on 256256 textures, it seems to be the simplest way of managing them.

HeinzFritz 03-12-14 19:43


Now another eccentricity...

I have been lately doing some additional experiments with the blend modes available with TREP and meta2tr combined:

An effect created when placing a transparent tile in front of a fixed camera makes the complete screen get an overlay which is either plain colored or textured. It all depends of the blend modes used and the textures themselves. Nothing new so far as this has been done by builders before (at least I suppose so). But it is still not possible to use this effect throughout the game when lara cam is active.

So I thought that the way the attribute of the transparency works (second from top on the grid in Meta) with texts jumping in front of lara, which you kindly implemented in your limits breaking tool, could be added to the four lowest transparencies in the Meta grid.

If I remember right the trick is that the in front jumping transparency has one coordinate missing.

If this coordinate could be removed from the other four mentioned transparencies, (by putting the tile on the left or right side (after the shine) then all the time a round wall around the scene could jump forward and give the screen a colored tint, which, by the way reacts to all lightening in the room, the effect would be similar to fog, but much more interesting.

I hope that this text is not too confusing, and that you get the idea about what could be created this way.

Shauni 03-12-14 22:25

If it's possible to do that over a fixed camera, can we also have something like that over the screen as we play as Lara?

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