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Titak 26-05-15 21:44


Originally Posted by tomb2player (Post 7353771)
Meta2TR log says only level mesh vertices, so only geometry, without WAD content :)

Single point or very small face, but still unnecessary garbage :D

This may be, but I had to do a lot less cleaning up for the level to stop crashing.
About 40000 vertices less cleaning up.
So merged objects are counted. I guess each individually placed object is counted now, instead of just the one in the wad. :ponder:

Unnecessary, sure, but considering the total amount of vertices and textures and stuff, I'd say that's pretty much negligible. :D

tomb2player 26-05-15 22:19

I am not sure that each object placed in level from WAD is counted... including enemies. It needs some testing to clarify if its true or not.

I forgot about this completely when writing upper posts... If objects from WAD are counted only 1x , no matter how many of them are in level, then merged objects obviously will increase amount of vertices.

HeinzFritz 16-08-15 19:09

There is, apart from all the eccentric features from my meta2tr wish list, one which would be useful for all users of this great tool:

The possibility to move and rotate flyby cameras would be just great, as it would allow corrections during the final touch.

As far as I have read in another thread, all relevant aspects of the flybys have been discovered and documented, so I hope that it should not be a big problem now to implement this possibility.

P.S. The same applies to lights and fixed cameras.

tomb2player 13-12-15 17:25

I am slowly starting with Meta2TR, but.. there is one problem which I did not expected at all, until now after testing. When I move face in metasequia which has shadows applied ( shadows from shadow bulbs in NGLE ), those shadows on face remains always the same. It's not like for example Lara - If she is running in game to darker place, she becomes darker, etc.

It is not that big problem when I merge objects which were previously in WAD and level as statics. But when I import whole new mesh ( textured object ) which was not in WAD previously, it don't have any lighting at all - don't want to react to lighting from shadow bulbs placed before in NGLE... Is there any solution for this? :confused:

Titak 13-12-15 17:59

I take you have been copying and pasting faces?
If so, you can reset the lighting on those faces by assigning pure white light to them (V-Clr window: H=0, S=0 and V=100.)
They will then appear very light in Meta, but they will look okay ingame.

Also make sure you connect the faces to the surrounding ones, if they are not seperate objects.
When you connect them, they will, with the rest lighting, take on the lighting of the surroundings. :D

tomb2player 13-12-15 20:29

It's working, thanks :D

tomb2player 14-12-15 14:06

I am still not so experienced with Meta2TR and I have 2 questions:

1. Is it possible to change texture page assignment for object in metasequia? For example one of objects ( for example unmerged static ) is using tile001. And I want it to use lets say tile005. Can I change this directly in metasequia materials panel or somewhere else?

2. Is it possible to texture in metasequia faces, the same way as in Strpix? I mean select one face, select one texture, place selected texture on face. Will this texture be stretched to match whole polygon as it was in Strpix or in NGLE? Just curious if this is possible. So for example I can quickly change some textures in level without need to go back to NGLE or Strpix..

HeinzFritz 14-12-15 17:10

To change the texture tile for faces from Tile001.bmp to Tile005.bmp, select only this object in the right panel (show selected only), and select Tile001.bmp in the right texture panel.
Go to Edit and click: Select all faces in current material.
All faces that use Tile001.bmp will get selected.
Then select Tile005 in the texture panel.
From the Select dropdown meny chose set material to selected faces.
That's the way to texture.
To adjust texture select UV editing, the object and the according tile.
Adjust it's shape and dimension directly on the texture.

tomb2player 14-12-15 17:44

Thanks for answer. I have last one: In metasequia when camera is very close to geometry, it starts to disappear. It is not that bad if meshes are big, but when they are very small, it can be really painful to for example select and join all necessary vertices which are close to each other and very small ( because I can't zoom enough due to disappearing ). Is there any method for this? :confused:

HeinzFritz 14-12-15 18:44

This problem with zooming happens only with extremely high polygon meshes. Try to assign in preferences more system memory for Metasequoia. Then turn off "show textured" and if the view is in perspective mode, set it to ortho.
Then there is a selector which enables you to choose between dx and open gl...
Try it out and see which one is better for your system.
Select the unnecessary parts of the mesh and hide it while working on details elsewhere.
Etc, etc, etc...

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