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charmedangelin 25-06-19 01:24


Originally Posted by Samz (Post 8103540)
Is it the "Keyboard" tab enabled or is there another one for your specific keyboard? not sure if it'll display differently on a laptop but for me, I have a generic "Keyboard" tab, that is enabled and another tab that's my actual keyboard type but its disabled.

I guess also try unticking VMR9.

Yeah I only have the keyboard tab enabled. Now that I think about it I don't think I ever played AOD on this laptop. I'm noticing some graphical flickering from time to time.

I'm running the game on my Nvidia GTX 1050, but it seems to have a few issues. Perhaps it's due to my newer hardware or something.

I tried unticking VMR9, but the crash still happens. I''l just get used to the controls as they are. Maybe a solution will present itself down the road. :p

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