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not again! 17-01-21 13:45

Really fantastic work, Bergus. :tiphat: I'm having tons of fun going through animations on Mixamo, laughing at Lara clumsily dancing Rumba. Thank you again for this wonderful addon.

I also tried exporting both an original animation and a new animation I quickly made in Blender to .anim format, but both arrived as mangled mess when trying to import them into WadTool. I don't really know what I'm doing though (I'm just a beginner at making animations), and I was wondering if the export to .anim file format is for Mixamo animations only?

Bergus 17-01-21 14:44

Ops, sorry, I didn't specify it. I tested the anim export only with Mixamo animations! I think that TRLE animations get wrong because Mixamo rotations are imported as quaternions while TRLE animations are yaw pitch roll. I will add an option for that :hea:

Maybe if you start from the file you downloaded from Mixamo, delete the keyframes and then make your own from scratch it would work. Maybe... but better that I add the option, it should be few lines of code.

BTW Lara dancing is so funny, but a smile in her face would make it more believable :D

Edit: I was bored and coded a little, but didn't want to remake the tutorial, so at this moment I share here the update:


I added a mixamo option, also now Lara should be facing correctly

not again! 17-01-21 16:35


Originally Posted by Bergus (Post 8270197)
the update:

.. that was fast. Thank you once again so much! :D

I completely missed that there are tutorials. Thank you for those as well - I'll put the links in the first post of the Blender workflow thread.
I see you used the Thriller dance animation for the tutorial - truly the best choice.

not again! 18-01-21 12:58

Re-importing the original animations works splendidly now. :D
I have big hopes that this will make it possible to easily fix the old issue of Lara's joints collapsing during some of the original animations.

A question regarding making completely new animations, since you mentioned Mixamo animations use quaternion and classic TR use yaw pitch roll and you addon now lets us export animations with both types of rotation to the .anim file format: it is okay to use quaternions (which is superior to roll pitch yaw) when making new animations - do I have that correctly?
For exporting to .anim we can then use the Mixamo setting (since that is for animations using quaternion rotation)?

Bergus 18-01-21 17:23

I know that quaternions are better since they avoid gimbal lock problems while animating. However, I'm not sure whether the final conversion into Euler angles (yaw pitch roll) may cause problems. Probably not :confused:

I also need to investigate why the Mixamo pelvis bone is in Euler angles instead of quaternions :confused:

not again! 18-01-21 17:50

I did not mention that quaternion is better because I assumed you do not know that (that would be absurd given your knowledge about animations :p) - I was just trying to explain why I'm interested in whether we can use quaternion rotation when making new animations.

Bergus 18-01-21 18:35

In reality, I don't know anything about animations! I just wanted to say that I know just that gimbal problem, but I'm not sure whether you will run into it, even with quaternions. Sorry if I sounded nasty :( I just converted the angles so they can be imported/exported from Blender into the TRLE, but I don't know how to do an animation from scratch.

Anyway, the answer is yes, you can choose to create new animation from the RIG that you get from Mixamo and then export using the Mixamo checkbox. It makes sense, I don't know in practice if anything will change.

not again! 18-01-21 19:17

No worries, your comment sounded perfectly friendly and polite! :) I was just worried mine had sounded unintentionally patronizing and wanted to clear that up, sorry for the confusion. :p

Thank you, I'll use the Mixamo rig then.

Bergus 20-01-21 10:27

Probably I'll convert also TRLE animations to quaternions so that they can be mixed with Mixamo anims. I would like also to export non Lara animations if I'm able to discover in what order are the mesh rotation in tomb editor.

not again! 20-01-21 15:39


Originally Posted by Bergus (Post 8270934)
Probably I'll convert also TRLE animations to quaternions so that they can be mixed with Mixamo anims.

That sounds amazing! :D
Would animations in FBX format from other sources (for instance ripped from other games) also work as long as they are similar to Mixamo's?


Originally Posted by Bergus (Post 8270934)
I would like also to export non Lara animations if I'm able to discover in what order are the mesh rotation in tomb editor.

Lwmte would probably be the person to ask this. As far as I know he implemented the import of animations into WadTool.

I'm trying to modify one of the original animations using the NLA editor, and then baking everything into a new action, but have not managed to import that modified animation into WadTool successfully so far.
If I use the default export setting (for the original animations) then Lara will show up completely mangled and not move at all, but funnily enough if I use the Mixamo settings then she will show up less mangled and move, but with the wrong limbs (instead of the legs performing a running animation the arms will flail around wildly, etc)
But as mentioned, I don't really know what I'm doing here yet - I'm still at the stage of watching YouTube tutorials how to use Blenders various animation editing tools correctly :p

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