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Bergus 20-01-21 18:12


Originally Posted by not again! (Post 8270995)
That sounds amazing! :D
Would animations in FBX format from other sources (for instance ripped from other games) also work as long as they are similar to Mixamo's?

I think it is possible, maybe with the Blender graph editor they can be adapted and then exported!


Originally Posted by not again! (Post 8270995)
Lwmte would probably be the person to ask this. As far as I know he implemented the import of animations into WadTool.

I found how they did it, it is pretty clear from the wad tool skeleton editor. I missed it at first. I think the order is the same as mine, but I will double check.


Originally Posted by not again! (Post 8270995)
I'm trying to modify one of the original animations using the NLA editor, and then baking everything into a new action, but have not managed to import that modified animation into WadTool successfully so far.
If I use the default export setting (for the original animations) then Lara will show up completely mangled and not move at all, but funnily enough if I use the Mixamo settings then she will show up less mangled and move, but with the wrong limbs (instead of the legs performing a running animation the arms will flail around wildly, etc)
But as mentioned, I don't really know what I'm doing here yet - I'm still at the stage of watching YouTube tutorials how to use Blenders various animation editing tools correctly :p

Did you start from the rig downloaded from Mixamo? Now I'm finishing checking the imported objects (some problem with the normals and rotations) and I will convert every animation to quaternions so I'll be sure that everything is coherent and hopefully avoid this kind of problems.

not again! 21-01-21 09:32

^^ That's great news. Rumba dancing enemies would take level building to a whole new level! :D


Originally Posted by Bergus (Post 8271036)
Did you start from the rig downloaded from Mixamo?

Ah, I hadn't considered that it's possible to copy animations from one rig to another, but I just looked it up and found a tutorial how to do that.
Thank you for the hint, I'm going to try that!

LeelooBastet 24-01-21 09:06

In order to make my own Lara, what must i exactly import to blender (lara_skin and lara_skin_joints, lara _scream ...?)

1. Are there meshes that i must absolutely not touch ?

2. Must i keep the exact same number of vertices and where ?

3. May i uv map her before importing her to my wad2 ?


VictorXD 26-01-21 19:51

^ I'm not in anyway a TRLE pro, so I might be mistaken but I think that if you were to change her in blender you'd probably need to respect the 11 vertices per skin joint limit and the 255 vertices (or is it faces?) per mesh. I think it's a engine limitation. Also, I'm not sure how to connect skin joints to meshes, I think you need a separate program for that, it might have been Strpix but I'm just guessing. So maybe blender might still not be the best way to make Lara outfits unless you plan to make the entire model there and then cut up meshes and joints to port to Strpix to join everything. But I think Strpix doesn't support UV mapping though :ponder:

This is mostly me guessing, so I might be quite wrong. Hopefully some TRLE veteran can chime in and correct any nonsense I might have said lol

Bergus 28-01-21 13:28

Sorry for the late reply, I never modified Lara so it is probably better if you ask on the trle forum so the question is more visible! There are also tutorials on this page.
I'll put into todo list also to check if I'm able to facilitate the creation of new Lara outfits.

Bergus 30-01-21 18:19

New update, this is the changelog:

1) Ability to import single objects from wad
2) Slight speed improvement if numpy package is installed (optional: open a terminal, go to /path/to/blender/2.90/python/ and give the command: pip install numpy)
3) Mixamo animations can be imported from the Blender import menu. It should be now possible to create/combine animations correctly if you use the existing fcurves.
4) Normals should be now compatible with Tomb Editor (before you had to invert faces on import dialog)

exported uvmaps sometimes show artifacts in tomb editor (maybe it is an interpolation problem :confused:)

if you are curious, please go to https://github.com/veeti512/wadblender , click on the green CODE button and download zip.

Lwmte 31-01-21 00:07


exported uvmaps sometimes show artifacts in tomb editor
If it's bleeding on borders, don't worry about that, it's known renderer issue, artifacts shouldn't happen in final level :)

Bergus 31-01-21 03:30

Yes, I got that problem also in Unity and Blender and solved by selecting uvmap interpolation to closest point instead of linear. One less thing to worry about :jmp: Thank you

Bergus 02-02-21 18:48

I'm now converting AOD animations from the FBX generated by the animation exporter by Nakamichi680. They seem to work, I have to test more. If you have any other FBX source please tell me so that I can build a tutorial with more than one rig type!

not again! 03-02-21 16:27

^^ Ohmigosh :D :jmp: This is very exciting news!

Thank you very much for the latest update as well! I haven't had time to try it out yet, but I'm very much looking forward to.

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