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Dan-d 07-10-21 16:32


Originally Posted by Vitin_96 (Post 8323642)
I feel kinda bad because i really like this game lol
It's just this pc port that was a lazy job...

Wasn't bad pc ports a given ever since TR3?
PSX always had a little extra detail and love (footstep marks and reveb and generally much better lighting and transparency effects) while pc basically got zero upgrades visually (except buggy volumetric fog and cheap bump effect) utilizing low res textures and models

Kirishima 07-10-21 19:30

Doesn't mean they didn't screw up the ps1 versions in some way. All the ps1 copies of TR3 I've encountered always had desynced audio in the cutscenes, which could be a region thing. In TR1, a bunch of sound effects that looped in the PC version didn't in the PS1, but then again it's the opposite for the underwater sfx loop.

On a side not, this is just my opinion (meaning no real facts support this), but I think one of the reasons the pc versions got as little as they did was simply for compatibility reasons. There were lots of graphics cards back then, and regardless of being directx(insert number here) compliant they might not all support the same features. Here's a couple Tomb Raider 2 videos with 3 different cards:

S3 Savage 3d (TR2 with Mipmapping)

(Possibly NSFW) - 3dfx Voodoo 2 (Standard Directx Fare)+ Matrox Mystique

There are other videos with different cards that display similar but less busted results as the MM above, but I think alot of that was simply because the cards were underpowered in some way or another. The results don't vary as much as TR1 for obvious reasons, but I still find it amusing that one card gave the game something that none of todays cards seem to want to... even with wrappers like dgvoodoo.

Dan-d 08-10-21 10:11

Not sure what is has to do with graphics cards.
In 1999 we had Half Life, Unreal, Outcast, System Shock on pc. Surely slapping a few extra polys on Lara and doubling the resolution of textures wouldn't be such a big deal. They didn't even care to fix textures to be seamless when bilinear filtering is on. IMO pc ports of tomb raider were lazy side product of ps1 releases.

Woops 08-10-21 21:14

Sky graphics fixed :)




I hope this restores people's faith in the PC version. it is capable :o

LateRaider 08-10-21 21:44

all hail troye, as they are as unto a savior deity to the lowly tomb raider: chronicles.

love you bestie ♥

Jathom95 08-10-21 21:57

Damn, that was fast lol.

Vitin_96 08-10-21 22:59


Originally Posted by Woops (Post 8323827)

Damn, you've done magic. But have you already been working on this for some time?
Have you used different texture for the skyboxes?

Woops 09-10-21 02:22


Originally Posted by Vitin_96 (Post 8323850)
Damn, you've done magic. But have you already been working on this for some time?
Have you used different texture for the skyboxes?

you can say I have a lot of experience with TR5 ;)

The textures are in the level files already, all was done through code.

For PC, Core used an external sky graphics picture for PC levels that was copied into the level at compile time, but for PSX they used a sprite instead.
Looks like someone updated the sprites, but forgot the PC sky :o
What I did is make the game use the sprite instead. (You can see it's a little lower in quality, but it looks nicer imo)

ATombRaiderFan 09-10-21 06:10

The game looks so much better without the mismatched skyboxes. Nature is healing.

Nice work Woops :)

mizuno_suisei 12-10-21 00:35

Can you advise how you did this woops?
As pixstr22 and trviewer and fexmerger are all Tr5 Incompatible and cause flipmaps to corrupt- leaving many levels incompletable.

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