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gr00tcake 15-01-21 08:51

Temple of Puna 10 second completion (NO CHEATS)
I just completed Temple of Puna in 10 seconds! I found the back door to the level and I'm wondering if this is already known or have I found something new about the game after 22 years?!?!?

laravision 15-01-21 13:48

I'm not convinced until I see some evidence. Can you go into more details about your findings, and perhaps include video or screenshots? What exactly did you do?

Classic Tomb Raider speedrunning has developed quite thoroughly over the years, and I tend to keep up to date with most of the progress and discussion. There have been attempts in the past to "break" Temple of Puna within the starting area, but to no avail.

michaeldt 15-01-21 14:07

Do it again and pics/vids please? :D

perryloo 15-01-21 15:11

The level takes almost five minutes to complete according to youtube walkthrough videos, and one minute of that is the boss fight at the end, which you have to compete to end the level. Even with a speed run you might shave the time down a bit, but surely not 10 seconds total :p

So somehow you are getting from the starting room and then almost instantly to the boss room, and bypassing the boss fight. No way unless you have cheated :D

Back door, I want to see that.

Level walkthrough....

tomee 15-01-21 15:41

That's rather peculiar, considering the world record by professional speedrunners still only clocks at 1:38

Do you have any video footage? This could be a new discovery.

Woops 15-01-21 15:49

so lovely seeing trolls at this ungodly hour

perryloo 15-01-21 16:05


Originally Posted by Woops (Post 8269666)
so lovely seeing trolls at this ungodly hour

We love being trolls, and its daytime in the UK :D

Mind you if gr00tcake has found a back door to the level, then this will be interesting discovery. We wait and see.

gr00tcake 16-01-21 05:57

I do have a picture just not sure how to add it if anyone can give me a hand?

thewolf 16-01-21 07:47

Hi :)

If you want to upload a screenshot you can go to https://imgur.com/upload

As soon as you select your screenshots you can select " Get share links " Just pick BBcode format for forums and paste the link here. There you go :D

TombHackR 16-01-21 08:41

Well, this is obviously not true lol

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