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Frceghst8 08-08-21 05:55

Opinions on TR the Temple of Osiris
I personally never played the game myself. I heard it received descent reviews. I certainly wouldn't mind playing it, but I don't have a PS4, just a PS 2 and original Xbox.

_Seth 13-08-21 16:59

I love it. It's very inventive, fun and action packed. I slightly prefer Guardian of Light, but Temple of Osiris is still utterly brilliant and highly recommended. :)

LNSNHGTDS 13-08-21 17:14

It's really fun to play with friends.

I love the Egyptian setting and it has by far the best looking Lara model ever. Plus Keeley Hawes returned!!!

I do think Guardian of Light is better than it though. It feels a little more well executed, particularly the relic and artifact system.

Frceghst8 14-08-21 15:58

Interesting, thanks for the posts. Keep em coming! :D

gr00tcake 21-08-21 03:11

I brought the GOLD edition for the PC when it came out, which came with a figurine, map and a concept art book. However I don't think I actually ended up playing the game itself haha

.snake. 21-08-21 07:03

I thought Guardian of Light was great, but Temple of Osiris was disappointing for the most part - and this is coming from someone who only got into TR because of my obsession with Egypt. For whatever reason, Temple of Osiris just didn't do it for me.

Frceghst8 22-08-21 01:14

Oh well, disappointments happen. Games go high or low with different opinions. Keep the posts coming!

jajay119 22-09-21 18:54

I liked TOO more than Gol. I know I'm q minority there but so be it. It felt more focused and well executed for me. I also found GoL quite repetitive in its puzzles and environments etc. but both are good games.

Nenya awakens 18-10-21 16:05

I really loved it. Felt very classic and it was great having Keely back. I also preferred it to GOL but mainly for the Egyptian theme.

Error96 21-10-21 18:41

I really liked Temple of Osiris and found it more enjoyable than the reboot trilogy. It's great for co-op play, full of puzzles and has the Lara iconography. If you have played GOL it plays very similar and maybe is a little too short. Still though, I think it it is one of the best recent TR games.

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