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Tonyrobinson 08-02-14 20:50

Just a hunch but I have been doing some research, it seems that around the time Marti Noxon was announced for Tomb Raider that she could have been in negotiation prior to this according to her twitter. During this time female director Tanya Wexler was also tweeting about having a meeting and meeting Marti. After that she had tweeted that she can't wait to make movies with Marti Noxon.

Shortly after Marti Noxon was announced a the writer and who should tweet her but Tanya Wexler. This may be just dismissive and I could be clutching straws because of the lack of news but it could also be a possibility that there could be a director attached to this too, Marti and Tanya are currently not attached to a project with each other so could the film she was talking about be Tomb Raider? :p

In other news all of the films on MGM's release slate have been shot the only one left to be shot is Bond 24. :)

Murphdawg1 10-02-14 01:25

Here's a general question.

Where does everyone hope to see the first trailer for the Tomb Raider movie? On tv or in the previews for another movie that you've gone to see?

Zebra 11-02-14 00:04

I'll most likely see it first online.

The1andOnlyTR 14-02-14 06:56

So I've just finished watching The Banshee Chapter starring Katia Winter.
I know she's in her 30's and doesn't really look like Lara in the pictures on Google, but I think she'd do a damn good job.




Tonyrobinson 14-02-14 13:43

New information about what is happening with GK Films. Seems there is a big funding issue with them which kinda sucks for getting Tomb Raider kick started as they seem to be taking their time with other projects being a priority by the sounds of things. It could take a while for Tomb Raider to hit theatres unless the budget for King's catalogue is raise. It sounds about time to kiss the movie goodbye. :o


quetzalcoatl 14-02-14 15:44

Would be nice to have the new movie in 2016, given it will be 20 years since the first TR game! :O Makes me feel so old! lol

Tonyrobinson 15-02-14 01:55

The fact still remains that unless Graham makes a deal in the near future he has no financial backing to make movies which means as of now there is no money to make the movie. :(

Rai 15-02-14 12:09

^Aren't MGM still in with GK Films for Tomb Raider? Surely some of the financing will come from them, GK Films aren't solely responsible are they?

Tonyrobinson 15-02-14 12:43


Originally Posted by Rai (Post 7000990)
^Aren't MGM still in with GK Films for Tomb Raider? Surely some of the financing will come from them, GK Films aren't solely responsible are they?

MGM are still involved but as far as I know they were dealing with the distribution and Graham King was producing and developing it with Tim Headington's overseeing.

quetzalcoatl 15-02-14 12:44

According to this http://www.tombnews.com/movie/tombraider3/ MGM is partnered with GK, although that news is almost a year old now!

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