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AimlessThunder 08-04-21 23:14


Originally Posted by joona (Post 8291583)
Angie is back in action!!! Can't help thinking that she's Lara when retired:ton:
https://youtu.be/sV6VNNjBkcE (Those Who Wish Me Dead Trailer)

*shivers* She looks so good with that pickaxe. Omg!

PinkyPromise 13-04-21 19:34


Interesting article about the script of the first TR movie. Hopefully Misha has more luck!

Tonyrobinson 13-04-21 20:53

I do wonder if a similar situation happened with the 2018 film too, we have Evan Daugherty, Geneva and Alistair Siddons all receiving credits on the film but we also had a draft by Hawk Ostby and Mark Fergus as week as Marti Noxon. There was also a copyright filing for a draft from Steven Knight. So we know it went through many hands.

I think this time maybe there isn’t so much studio involvement as both times we have gotten a writer/director announcement. I think MGM probably want this film to be ready to go straight to cameras when the script is ready hence why they’ve hired who they have both times and haven’t done a search in between writings.

Ellioft 14-04-21 00:56

I know what source they had for this article... anyway what it's said was indeed real but the screenplay by Simon was hi jacked by the Paramount because they wanted an economic movie. Just like with COL... So West couldn't shoot the scenes he needed. Also the movie was re edited several times and chopped of 30min, the original ending was changed etc.

I think for 2018 they have taken Dauguerty draft and then keept some ideas but the script was entirely done by Geneva and the tone was changed with Alister Siddons who I think was asked by Alicia herself because she wanted a more serious tone.

I think Hawk Ostby, Mark Fergus was hired originally when they wanted to concid the release of the movie with the 2013 reboot. Then some writters have take the lead like Marti Noxon and maybe Steven Knight.

Ellioft 16-04-21 12:24

Found two more teaser poster with Alicia Vikander on AliciaVikander.net

The first one is a poster showing Alicia Vikander in a similar pose to the first teaser poster but in a much cleaner environment. You'll notice that the logo is completely different and much closer to the one of the game.


I was thinking it could be a fake one but I did rewatched the bonus and look what appear on screen, we don't have a lot of stills of Alicia in this position (maybe one or two).


The second one is a teaser poster showing Lara descending into the depths of Himiko's tomb. With the title in white and the slogan UNHEARTH THE MYSTERY in blue next to it. This suggests that at this stage the promo team was looking for a colour code.

I did some research and looking carefully at the clips of this scene shown in the film, the making of, the B Roll etc and none of them show this position with Lara. In the film there is a moment when she's like that but the shot is done as a closer look to her.


I hope for the sequel they keep the white logo, it's less agressive.
Also I like the fact that on none of those poster appear the name Lara Croft.

joona 16-04-21 15:45

Really liking that white one, also the logo is so much better there in my opinion!

Portugalraider 16-04-21 16:16

Also really liking the white poster. It doesn't read "adventure movie" that much, but it's simple and clean.

But I have to disagree with Joona. While the logo is much closer to the current Logo of the franchise, I think the concept of the arrow going through the title looks much better in the final logo.

Ellioft 16-04-21 17:12

The white and blue could work for the sequel I think :D

Portugalraider 16-04-21 18:14


Originally Posted by Ellioft (Post 8293249)
The white and blue could work for the sequel I think :D

If Misha also leans into adapting RotTR like Ben and Amy apparently were, then yes. It is a colour scheme that would fit a mainly winter location.

GeekOfComedy 16-04-21 22:32


How far did you get on Tomb Raider 2?
We were storyboarding and we were pretty close. We delivered the script and everything. Then it was almost that week where we went into the lockdown, and it was just like, “Oh, it’s not going to happen.”

Hollywood is tough.

Reality of the situation is if it was competitive enough it would have still been made but post Covid-19; MGM needed a different film and Michael DeLuca needs a nice big blockbuster to put his stamp on so they restarted and most likely for the better as Misha Green's idea was good enough to bring Warners back in for INTL distribution.

With Wheatley's film each country probably would have had a different release date because it would have all had different distributors AKA Robin Hood 2018 - hot trash garbage.

Personally; I am a lot more thankful Misha Green is helming this. Like 1000000% more thankful with all due Respect to Wheatley who is a great creative. Misha Green will bring sophistication to the material and elevate the property where as Wheatley's guaranteed would have been just super lean and pulpy and "we know this is a video game"

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