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Tonyrobinson 11-05-21 22:08

As long as Lara doesn't go to space then I am totally fine with whatever story the present. :p

Portugalraider 12-05-21 13:00


Originally Posted by Tonyrobinson (Post 8297635)
As long as Lara doesn't go to space then I am totally fine with whatever story the present. :p

Fast and the furious who? :p

Tonyrobinson 12-05-21 22:50

I hope because Irma Vep is an action role that it means she can put the training in first then be ready to jump straight into filming Tomb Raider. :)

SoraSakai 12-05-21 22:54

Honestly, I wouldn’t mind Lara going to space lol

Tonyrobinson 12-05-21 22:58

I don't mind Sci fi elements like the Atlanteans being an ancient alien race but I prefer the idea of Lara best when she's in Tombs or jungles. Even the urban environments or installion hubs don't excite me but to each their own. :)

Portugalraider 13-05-21 00:37

Honestly, for me it depends on what we perceive as "space".

If by space you mean "Lara at zero g, invading enemy bases or ships that orbit the earth or in any body of the solar system", for me that would be too much like whoever is making these movies (and for the games, as well), running bout of ideas.

If it's more is a sense of Lara being transported and having to survive and explore alien or lovecraftian civilisations, that could actually work if proper thought is put into it.

Still, I prefer to keep Lara down on Earth, exploring our own ancient temples. :p

PinkyPromise 14-05-21 21:28

It's 2021 and Angelina talks bad about TR again. She says that she didn't like Lara and that she only made the movie to travel and do training. It is incredible that she has never had any respect for Lara, she has never wanted to participate in tributes or anything. She is not proud to have been Lara Croft. When TR turned Angelina in a star!

I prefer Alicia ... she is more grateful and proud to be Lara. She is the actress that Lara needs. She always speaks with such love of Lara Croft, respect and pride.

ThirteenCroft 14-05-21 22:22

Misha Green has finished her first screenplay draft for the sequel.

Tomb Raider: Obsidian (Working Title)


GeekOfComedy 14-05-21 22:33

Yeah Misha Green's got it. You have no idea how much faith I have in her. The title alone has the intrigue. I'm here googling Obsidian (Never in my life heard of this material) but those Easter Island emoji's she's been posting. :jmp::jmp::jmp: This rock comes from VOLCANOS, LOVE IT.

And as I said; told you it would be an original story and we LOVE TO SEE IT. By the point the film comes out the next Tomb Raider game will be announced and we know their moving away from Reboot so the film franchise was never going to be 1 step behind, everything needs to be consistent and current.

Edit: Look how good the title looks in the classic European font. (the black colour fitting as Obsidian is a black glass)


Rai 14-05-21 22:37

Pinky, you're kinda jumping to conclusions here. AJ does say she didn't want to do the movie, and that she didn't think she was suitable for Lara, but nowhere did she say she didn't like the role. She gives the films credit for getting her into travel and action. I do suspect she might not be up to talking about TR more than she has to, for something like this brief interview.

As for TR: Obsidian it's a very intriguing title. I hope it's approved. It has an air of mystery about it. I came straight here to see if someone had posted it! :jmp:.

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