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wmcintosh 29-09-18 21:56


Originally Posted by Cochrane (Post 7991928)
Edit to add: Apparently this is fake. https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/deer-crossing/ (article starts discussing a letter but also mentions this recording)

Well, that figures. Anyway, was a good laugh despite that.

DragonSlayer 06-10-18 13:38

When I grow up I want to be a blitzball, some random kid in Final Fantasy 10 I'd forgotten all about that line until I saw it the other day in the comments section of a FFX video.

jackali 07-10-18 07:40

^ Fun fact: this was not a translation error. He said the same thing in Japanese too. Likely a typo in the Japanese version.

DragonSlayer 09-11-18 12:23

In one of today's papers there was an article about getting tough on screen addicts, one section of the article stood out it said too much exposure to smartphones, tablets and gaming consoles has been linked to 12 types of cancer, weight gain and shortsightedness.

I'd be interested to know how they arrived at the conclusion that using a PlayStation or any console or gadget can cause cancer, I've been playing on PlayStation since 1996 and I still don't have cancer.

The article is little more than fear-mongering by using cancer as a way/excuse of getting people to stop their children from spending too much time in front of a screen, If I could I would ask the person who wrote that article, which is worse cancer or playing computer games?

There is no actual evidence that I know of that says using a smartphone, tablet or gaming console can cause suffering from 12 different types of cancer, weight gain and shortsightedness, doesn't Asbestos cause cancer, why is that not being considered as a potential cause of cancer.

It's not right to mention the above as causes of using smartphones, tablets and gaming consoles, there could and probably is someone somewhere in the world who doesn't use any of them and they could still get cancer, your more likely to get cancer from smoking instead of getting it from using any of the gadgets mentioned above.

In a few years or however long it takes this will all blow over when people will move onto the latest so called threat to people's health whatever that may be.

There was a time when people used to think that Elvis's hips were a threat, whether or not Elvis's hips were considered a threat to people's health is unknown and I'm not inclined to Google it to find out.

DragonSlayer 05-12-18 20:26


PETA are at it again.

PETA wants people to stop using anti-animal language such as taking the bill by the horns, in a post on twitter the group suggested alternatives for popular idioms involving animals, words matter and as our understanding of social justice evolves, here's how to remove speciesism from your daily conversation.

Followers were urged to tweet their own ideas for anti-speciesist language, many of the responses were tounge in cheek.

Can we let the cat out of the bag or should we just keep him in there?

Just hold your horses I was watching this like a hawk I think I've read the lions share of the responses. This really gets my goat though you seem to be as mad as a March hare I'm not being pig-headed nor going to the dogs, but I think I'm quitting this post cold turkey.

A few years ago I remember PETA moaning about whaling in one of the Assassin's Creed games, I think I created a topic about it I remember posting that PETA must be having a whale of a time.

IIRC I think PETA said something about Pikmin but I can't remember what it was they said about Pikmin.

PETA needs to get a life.

Catapharact 05-12-18 20:52

I guess PETA learned the hard way that the crowd at large will find more than one way to skin a Cat.

Cochrane 05-12-18 21:01

Let's be honest here, PETA is just trolling. They'll make whatever outrageous claim gets them into the news. Whether that has anything to do with animal protection or not is completely irrelevant; the important part is that people remember the name.

moodydog 05-12-18 21:09

I wonder which straw broke the camels back? :ohn:

Catapharact 05-12-18 23:02


Originally Posted by Cochrane (Post 8018866)
Let's be honest here, PETA is just trolling. They'll make whatever outrageous claim gets them into the news. Whether that has anything to do with animal protection or not is completely irrelevant; the important part is that people remember the name.

PETA is about as relevant to Animal Welfare as the Soviet Union was for the "betterment of the collective."

In recent years, PETA has done its fair share of despicable actions that completely contradict what they stand for. In 2014, in the state of Virginia alone, PETA supervised Animal Shelters were responsible for more animals euthanized than the Municipal and other NPO based shelters.


They suck. Period.

Yeauxleaux 05-12-18 23:58

Can't say I'm shocked. We're in that era, activists going off the deep end saying the most ridiculous **** just to have something to complain about.

Are there no poachers or cultists doing brutal ritual killings to worry about anymore or something?

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