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SrDanielPonces 02-07-19 11:05


Originally Posted by tombraiderxii (Post 8106109)
Mayyyybe just maaaaybe

I'm thinking of either Shakespeare Cliff or Sleeping with the Fishes, since I couldn't finish Madhouse for the last competition :D

And why don't you finish the madhouse for this one?

matrix54 02-07-19 11:47

Hmmm... maybe Iíll enter again this year. :ponder:

Shakira Croft 02-07-19 11:50

Ohhh this is awesome! I'm gonna think about it and maybe join :jmp:

Feder 02-07-19 13:11

So many interesting projects :jmp:

Count me in :) I'll be choosing Antartica

Dustie 02-07-19 13:20


Originally Posted by matrix54 (Post 8106182)
Hmmm... maybe Iíll enter again this year. :ponder:

Please do :D It would be great to see a lot of good names in this competition :)

mizuno_suisei 02-07-19 13:39

Yes please!

TR2 Offshore Rig setting

sampiza 02-07-19 15:31

I'll try to make a level for this competition, the theme will be TR4 egypt. :D

kaufi-lc 02-07-19 17:53

Nice to see this competition pop up again! Maybe I'll join too, should go a lot faster now with TombEditor.:jmp:

dcw123 02-07-19 20:39


I wanna go.
And this time I'm not gonna get suckered into making too many custom TGA tiles or objects - nope.. keep it basic, that the plan.

I love the classic style, so nostalgic.

I don't have a plan in terms of TR1-5 or type of level yet though - maybe something like TR2's Floating Islands (minus the guards due to TRLE restraints)
Or TR3 Aldwych something like that

EDIT: Arghhhhh its so hard to choose a theme. I didn't want to pick something someone else already had picked in the OP.
I wanted to do Floating Islands but someone already made a TR2 custom level recently, and I didn't want the comparison too much LOL
Currently sifting through Katie's TR site screenshots of the series and seeing what jumps out.. bearing in mind TR4 engine limitations for enemies etc

Baslakor 02-07-19 22:25


Originally Posted by sampiza (Post 8106229)
I'll try to make a level for this competition, the theme will be TR4 egypt. :D

That surely narrows it down. :vlol:

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